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Meghan Markle received advice from Victoria Beckham to end backlash


Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham are good friends, and the latter reportedly gave the former advice to end the backlash and criticisms directed at her.

Meghan Markle has shown her support to Victoria Beckham by wearing two of her designs this month. In return, the former Spice Girls singer allegedly gave advice to the duchess to end the backlash aimed at her.

Meghan Markle allegedly advised to get real

Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle have been good friends, according to several outlets. Beckham has reportedly benefited from showing the public the real her and by highlighting her humor.

Even if Victoria has a stern appearance and doesn’t crack a smile in public, she’s actually the first one to mock herself, according to an insider. That reportedly helped her boost her likability and reputation over the years. And she shared this tip to Markle, according to an insider.

“She’s urged Meghan to shut down the critics and prove her authenticity by showing the side only her loved ones get to see and to reveal the real her,” a source told Closer.

“She’s also told Meghan it could make people think twice before attacking her and tug on their heartstrings by showing the public how deeply the backlash affects her and Harry on an emotional level.”

Meghan and Victoria’s rumored feud

Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle were rumored to be feuding because the former allegedly sold stories on her friend. However, in March, the duchess allegedly attempted to build bridges.

When the Beckhams flew to Canada for a skiing holiday, Markle reportedly reached out to Victoria.

“Vic has been having a tricky time over the last few weeks, so it was really nice for her to hear from Meghan, who wanted to break the ice and heal their feud,” a source told Closer.

“Initially, she asked how she was and how the half-term break was going with her family. They then talked things out and it was a relief to clear the air.”

Why Prince Harry and Meghan step back from royal duties

In related news, there are rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step back from their royal roles because they felt sidelined. In Christmas 2019, the public noticed that there were no photos of the Sussexes on Queen Elizabeth II’s desk.

The sight reportedly made the Duke and Duchess of Sussex rethink their positions in the monarchy. They were upset, and they felt that they were not a fundamental part of its future. So, they decided to just move on with their lives with the freedom to do what they want by renouncing their royal duties.

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