Meghan Markle seems to subtly dig at Royal Family about connection, ranking

Meghan Markle seemed to make a subtle dig at the Royal Family after revealing being linked and not ranked meant everything to her.

In a talk with the Gloria Steinem for Makers Women, Meghan Markle revealed the importance of having a connection.

Rumors had it the Duchess of Sussex, and her husband, Prince Harry, had a hard time with their position in the monarchy. Allegedly, they always came after Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, and Kate Middleton when it came to “events, publicity, and money.”

Talking about the importance of connection

Steinem was talking about the historical leadership in America when Meghan seemed to make a subtle shade at the monarchy.

“On the land where we are, before Europeans showed up,” Steinem began, via Mirror Online. “There were Native American cultures in which women were equal, in which grandmothers chose the Chief.”

The 86-year-old social, political activist continued the balance system, and the Constitution was “based on that.”

“It was about a circular idea of consensus,” she added. “Circles of consensus going up rather than hierarchy, which is the source of the linked not ranked.”

The two women then used the bracelet Steinem gave to Meghan as their reference for having the motto, “linked not ranked.”

“I love this,” the former actress said about the accessory. “‘We are linked not ranked’ is the shortest way I’ve ever found to say what our goal is.”

From here, she admitted it meant everything to her on “every level.”

“I thank you for understanding that rank is less important than being linked,” Meghan continued. “That’s a big thing.”

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Meghan and @gloriasteinem’s full q&a has been released by @makerswomen! Head to our link in bio to read the full article! ✨ Meghan and Gloria’s conversation is extremely profound, and covers many important topics such as women’s rights and women’s equality (Today is Women’s Equality Day!) In one part of their conversation, Meghan said, “And I look at our son and what a beautiful example that he gets to grow up with a father who is so comfortable owning that as part of his own self-identification. That there’s no shame in being someone who advocates for fundamental human rights for everyone, which of course includes women.” 👏🏼🙌🏼❤️ • • • • • • • *We do not own the images posted. All credits to the Duke & Duchess of Sussex and Matthew Sayles. #meghanmarklesource #meghan #meghanmarkle #meghanandharry #archieharrison #babysussex #style #dukeofsussex #princeharry #duchessofsussex #sussex #inspiration #incredible #amazing #fashion #hairstyles #hairinspo #dukeandduchessofsussex #fashioninspo #instaworthy #styleinspo #meghan #harry #instagram

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Meghan took a shot at Donald Trump

Aside from the Royal Family, Meghan also took a shot at President Donald Trump for his “scary and intimidating voter suppression” move.

Meghan revealed this tactic might cause people to think voting was not worth itThe Sun noted. They might step out of line and relinquish their right to vote.

“That’s bad enough, but then there’s a ripple effect,” she continued. “Because whoever is in the back of the line says, ‘Whatever they did to them…I don’t want that to happen to me.”

Meghan added she believed it was a scary thing to happen. So, she was thinking of a way to avoid that and make people feel empowered.

This news came after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had officially renamed their Sussex Royal brand to the MWX Foundation. The two stopped including the word “royal” into their branding after they stepped down as senior royals in March.

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