Meghan Markle shock: Harry’s wife accused of faking Archie for photo-op


Meghan Markle has faced an intense backlash after joining the royal family with some accusing the duchess of faking her pregnancy and son, Archie.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced in January that they were stepping back as senior members of the royal family. Shortly, after their bombshell announcement, they moved to Canada.

Royal fans were convinced that they wanted more privacy. Thus, Markle raised eyebrows when she was photographed taking a walk with baby Archie and her two dogs in the Dominion of Canada.

Meghan Markle accused of faking Archie

In January, weeks after moving to Canada, Meghan Markle’s photo while taking a walk made the rounds online.

In the snaps, she is wearing a baby carrier and holding the leash of her pet dogs. Markle’s critics immediately saw something wrong in the way she carried her son with some saying the baby in the carrier was just a doll because of its awkward position.

“It’s a doll. There is no way that’s Archie. Also, see here for the marketing of the carrier on her website,” one wrote on Twitter.


“Have you seen the video clip of this, the baby’s leg is dangling & wobbling like when you’re swinging something, none of the rest of the baby moves. Very weird,” another added.

“The baby is terribly lopsided, his arm is hanging down and his body seems lifeless. The dog’s have a look of fear. Markel’s smile is out of sync with everything around her, and she’s posing for her own photographer? Strange photo,” @SNEntrepreneurs commented.


Meghan accused of faking her pregnancy

Prior to Archie’s birth, Meghan Markle was also accused of faking her pregnancy. Several netizens questioned her baby bump due to its inconsistent size.

According to them, there were instances when it appeared small and very big on the same day or just days apart.

However, what convinced many about the fake pregnancy rumors was this video uploaded on YouTube.

In the clip, Markle looks heavily pregnant. At the time, Prince Harry’s wife was already five months along.

However, many were shocked when she crouched while wearing heels and stood with ease. Markle made it appear so easy when other pregnant women couldn’t do it.

Several moms also said they couldn’t do it when they were expecting. In addition, the online users heard a popping sound when Markle stood up and her stomach immediately appeared bigger.

According to them, Markle’s stomach inflated. Thus, they concluded that Prince Harry’s wife was only wearing a moon bump.

However, one should take those claims with a grain of salt. Just like other moms, Markle gained weight during her pregnancy. In fact, it took her a year to return to her pre-baby figure.

Image used courtesy of Shaun Jeffers/Shutterstock

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