Meghan Markle receives serious warning amid legal battle

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is being warned about her ongoing legal battle against a British tabloid.

Meghan Markle faced a significant setback in her legal battle last week.

A judge ruled that their biography, “Finding Freedom,” may be used against her in the trial.

It’s also the same book the couple claims they didn’t cooperate on.

The 39-year-old sued Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) for privacy and copyright issues.

In 2018, MailOnline and Mail on Sunday published handwritten letters sent her dad.

Meghan cautioned ahead of trial

Mark Stephens, an expert at Howard Kennedy, thinks that suing ANL will be a greater problem for Meghan.

The expert warned Meghan Markle to “get out now” while it’s still early. “This is another hole below the waterline,” Stephens said.

Meghan is said to be risking an even greater invasion of privacy during the ongoing legal battle.

“The risk is that how she curates her reputation, what she allows into the public domain, and what she doesn’t, are now things that will be picked over by lawyers in cross-examination,” Stephens added.

The expert explained that the stakes are massive at the moment because of her reputation. Pushing the trial to continue would only damage her.

“She’s had an invasion of privacy, and she feels strongly about it, but the reality is she has only got a downside here,” he added.

According to Stephens, the more Meghan protest about wanting to protect her family, several will be curious and “investigate how she has curated the Streisand effect of amplifying the positive PR and negativizing the other PR.”

The Streisand Effect is named after singer Barbra Streisand.

It is an online phenomenon where a person attempts to hide information about a certain detail that’s already there.

In 2003, Streisand sued photographer Kenneth Adelman for including her mansion in Malibu in the California coastline pictures.

Before the lawsuit, internet users viewed the image about 400,000 times and downloaded six times.

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Does Meghan leak info?

Another expert, Professor Tim Luckhurst, is suspicious of the Duchess of Sussex.

“Meghan leaks, selectively, details of her private life to trusted intermediaries,” he said.

Luckhurst believes Meghan is trying to manipulate her image in the press.

He thinks she’s giving details to people close to her, so they could go on and off the record.

“They argue that the letter she wrote to her father was intended to reach the public without her fingerprints being on its arrival in the public domain.”

This only weakened Meghan Markle’s case while strengthening ANL’s defense, he added.

Image courtesy of Office of the Governor-General / CreativeCommons BY 4.0

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