Meghan Markle spends $54k a year for hair vanity: Rumor

Meghan Markle spends $54k a year for hair vanity: rumor

Meghan Markle allegedly spends over $50,000 a year for her hair alone, according to a tabloid.

Meghan Markle makes sure that she’s camera-ready whenever she steps out. One outlet claimed that the duchess spends thousands of dollars weekly to maintain her hair. However, one should take those reports with a grain of salt because there is no piece of evidence to support those claims.

Meghan Markle “very vain” with her hair

Globe published a report claiming that Meghan Markle spends $54,000 for her hair alone. The tabloid quoted a “spy” who said that Prince Harry’s wife is “very vain and proud of her locks.” In fact, Markle allegedly spends “at least $2,000 a week to maintain them.”

“For Meghan, hair care is a seven-step process that she’s absolutely obsessed about and follows as a ritual,” the source added.

The process includes “clarifying shampoo, daily conditioner and cold water rinse.” She also “throws in a few drops of organic argan oil.” She finishes up with a “cool blow dry with strokes from a pricey hairbrush before a finishing spray.”

Aside from the process, Markle has a personal hairstylist who visits her at home at least once a week. The hairstylist gives her keratin protein treatment and a masseuse for head massages to stimulate her scalp.

The insider adds that the process is long and keeps Prince Harry “locked out of their master bathroom for hours at a time.”

“She’s very picky about who touches her hair too. When she was on her TV show Suits, she insisted on approval over who styled her hair,” the tipster added.

“She looks so natural, but the truth is she spends days prepping and most of it revolves around her hair care!”

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report because of its inconsistencies.

The insider claimed that Markle spent $2,000 on her hair weekly. When one does the math, there are about 52 weeks in a year, and if the duchess spends $2,000 a week, she would have spent $104,000, not just $54,000 in a year.

Duchess’ father doesn’t trust her

In related, Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. said that their dad had already moved on from his issues with the duchess. Thomas Markle Sr. is no longer interested in reuniting with the duchess.

Markle and her dad are not on speaking terms for years. The former lighting director said that he tried to reach out to Markle. However, the duchess kept on ignoring her.

“As far as a reunion goes, he’s given up on Meghan and Harry completely,” Markle Jr. said.

“He doesn’t trust her and doesn’t want to know that person because of the lies, manipulation and deceit. He just had his 76th birthday – needless to say, he didn’t hear from Meghan.”

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