Meghan Markle to stay in the US amid Prince Harry’s UK return

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle will not come with Prince Harry to London this summer, snubbing the most-awaited royal family reunion.

One year after Megxit happened, Meghan Markle, reportedly, wants to stay in California with baby Archie as her husband jets back to London.

In a report published by Daily Mail, sources revealed that the Duchess of Sussex refused to come with Prince Harry due to “personal and practical” reasons.

Prince Harry is set to attend Prince Philip’s 100th birthday celebrations as well as the Trooping of Colour.

In July 2021, the statue in memory of Princess Diana will be unveiled at Kensington Palace.

Despite this full-packed schedule, the Duke of Sussex will, reportedly, go back to the monarchy without her wife.

“It should be strongly stressed that there is still an element of uncertainty about this because of the unpredictable COVID situation, but the understanding is the duke is more than likely to come back on his own,” the insider said.

The same insider noted that the Sussexes both came up with the same decision.

Prince Harry, Meghan still welcome in the UK

Another insider noted that Queen Elizabeth II made it clear that the couple is still welcome to attend family events.

In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan stepped down as senior members of the royal family.

While they no longer have the same titles, the royal family still wants to be part of their lives.

“Her Majesty made very clear when they left the UK that Harry and Meghan were still much loved members of her own family and would be very welcome to attend family events,” the insider said.

They also clarified that the decision is still the same until now.

However, it comes with a great diplomacy deal as no one wants a repeat of the Commonwealth service.

During the service last year, the buzz between the former Fab Four came to the limelight again. Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, snubbed the two greatly upon seeing them.

Regardless of Meghan’s presence, Prince Harry expressed his desire to come back again multiple times.

This decision also came after they thought that the Duchess would only overshadow the occasions, especially Prince Philip’s day.

“People would only be looking at the ‘drama’ of it all. Of course, she would be welcome. But a decision not to come would postpone that headache for a while at least,” the source went on.

Featured image courtesy of BBC News’ Official YouTube Channel

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