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Meghan Markle told Queen Elizabeth to ‘drop dead’ rumor debunked


Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II’s relationship has been subjected to various rumors, with one tabloid claiming the duchess said something cruel to the monarch.

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II shared a close bond when she was still in the U.K. However, one outlet claimed that there was a falling-out between Prince Harry’s wife and his grandmother. Gossip Cop examined the report, and here’s what it found out.

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth feuding rumor

Last year, National Enquirer published a report claiming that Meghan Markle attacked the Queen. It described the Duchess of Sussex as defiant. The cover also featured photos of Queen Elizabeth II, Markle, and Prince Harry looking stressed with the words, “We’re bigger than the royal family & don’t need you.”

The outlet also quoted an anonymous source who claimed Markle threw a terrible tantrum. And the duchess allegedly told the Queen to “drop dead! I can do what I want!”

Her Majesty and Prince Harry’s brother, Prince William, was reportedly not happy. They responded by declaring an “all-out war,” the insider said.

Markle’s ego had allegedly gotten out of control while the Queen had already bent over backward to accommodate her and Prince Harry’s selfish demand for freedom. The alleged fight was devastating for the family, and the Queen wanted it to be over, the report added.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop examined the report and debunked it. First, Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II get along well from the start. Both Prince Harry and Markle spoke fondly about the Queen during their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The Duke of Sussex said he never blindsided Her Majesty. Markle also said that the Queen has always been kind to her in contrast to what the tabloid claimed.

“The queen, for example, has always been wonderful to me,” Markle said about the Queen.

In her conversation with Winfrey, the duchess recalled her first joint engagement with the monarch and how the latter asked her to join her. She also revisited their ride on the royal train and how they shared breakfast together that morning.

The Queen also gave Markle a beautiful gift — a pair of beautiful earrings with a matching necklace. She also recalled their ride inside the car and how the Queen shared her blanket with Markle to keep them warm. The duchess said she loved Her majesty’s company.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said that a member of the royal family raised concern about their son’s complexion. One member allegedly asked how dark their baby’s skin would be. Prince Harry set the record straight and said the Queen and Prince Philip were not involved in the conversation.

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