Meghan Markle urged to give up lawsuit battle to preserve her reputation

Meghan Markle

Royal experts insist that Meghan Markle should drop her ongoing court battle against British tabloids to uphold her dignity.

The news came after the Duchess of Sussex faced another setback in her privacy lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Ltd (ANL), who publishes MailOnline and Mail on Sunday after the company used their bombshell book “Finding Freedom” in their defense, per The Guardian.

Associated Newspapers Ltd Accused the Former Royals of Collaborating with “Finding Freedom”

Antony White, the legal counsel representing ANL, pointed out that the former royals have cooperated with the authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand.

In addition, they insisted that the former “Suits” star hand them the information regarding the infamous letter to her father “in order to set out her own version of events in a way that is favorable to her.”

Of course, this was opposed by the Duchess Meghan’s team, citing that the allegations are “conspiracy theory.”

Moreover, Justin Rushbrooke, representing the mother-of-one, also emphasized that the authors referred to the runaway royals as the biography’s reference to “extracts from the letter” published in the Mail on Sunday and MailOnline.

“The claimant and her husband did not collaborate with the authors on the book, nor were they interviewed for it, nor did they provide photographs to the authors for the book,” their statement reads.

Royal Expert Issued Warning to Meghan Markle Over Her Lawsuit Setback

Now, London based law firm Howard Kennedy’s Mark Stephens urged Meghan Markle to give up the bitter court battle before it’s too late.

As cited by Express UK, he pointed out that the setback means “another hole below the waterline,” and thus, she needs to “get out now.”
“The risk is that how she curates her reputation, what she allows into the public domain, and what she doesn’t, are now things that will be picked over by lawyers in cross-examination. The stakes are enormous because, at the moment, her reputation is not damaged particularly.”

Stephens also warned the former actress about the “Streisand effect”–an online phenomenon named after the iconic singer Barbara Streisand, which means those trying to protect or hide their privacy end up spreading the information causing more accidental publicity.

“The more that she protests about wanting to protect her privacy, the more that people are going to investigate how she has curated the Streisand effect of amplifying the positive PR and negativizing the other PR.”

Featured image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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