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Meghan Markle using second pregnancy to heal Prince Harry marriage: Rumor


Meghan Markle is, allegedly, using her second pregnancy to heal her marital problems with Prince Harry.

According to National Enquirer, between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the latter is the one that’s dealing with more issues.

After all, he was forced to step down from his royal duties after he chose to be with his wife.

“Homesick Harry put on a brave public face, but he was like a rudderless ship, desperately trying to find a safe port in the storm. For him, that was back in the U.K. with his royal relatives and military buddies. He feels like a fish out of water among Meghan’s Hollywood friends,” the source said.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry fought a lot before Megxit

The insider also claimed that Markle and Prince Harry had tearful fights over their decision to leave the royal family and their duties. And these fights certainly drove a wedge between them.

Additionally, Markle’s miscarriage last July certainly didn’t help heal the couple’s issues.

“The miscarriage they suffered last summer sent Harry into a tailspin and I believe their marriage was teetering on the brink. I’m told she urged him to think about their son, Archie, who Harry adores, and promised she’d have another child ASAP,” the source said.

Meghan Markle using her pregnancy to plot revenge

Markle, allegedly, told her husband that having another baby will give their marriage a fresh start. And baby number two could also, allegedly, heal their rift with Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the British clan.

“She used the new baby promise as a cunning ploy to save her marriage,” the source said.

However, the insider added that Meghan Markle is also using her pregnancy to settle old scores with her in-laws.

After all, she would be sitting for an interview with Oprah Winfrey just hours after she completely cut ties with the royals.

“The queen and the senior royals were blindsided and outraged. The couple abandoned their royal duties and fled to America supposedly seeking privacy. But here they were attracting global attention with a nuclear interview exposing their family secrets. The entire royal family is braced for disastrous consequences,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

It is unlikely for Meghan Markle to be using her pregnancy to heal her marital woes. And she’s not also using her pregnancy to get back at the royals.

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