Meghan Markle will lose legal battle to dad, half-brother claims


Meghan Markle will lose her ongoing legal battle to her father, Thomas Markle Jr., according to her half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr.

Meghan Markle sued the Associated Newspaper, and the Mail on Sunday for publishing an excerpt of her letter addressed to her dad. The Duchess of Sussex insisted that it violated her privacy.

Markle’s brother just spoke about the issue. According to Thomas Markle Jr, their father is willing to take the stand to defend his actions. He added that he was confident their dad could win the privacy court case.

Meghan Markle won’t win the legal case against her dad

In a recent interview with Thomas Jr., he talked about the ongoing legal battle involving his dad and sister. He is convinced that the court will favor Thomas Sr. and the Mail on Sunday.

According to Thomas Jr., Markle won’t win the case against their dad. Their father is ready, calm, and collected.

“Our dad will have no problem winning his case,” he said. “He’s got all his documents in order, everything is ready.”

Meghan lost the opening legal battle

A few weeks ago, Markle faced the U.K. tabloid for the first round of their legal battle. However, the Duchess of Sussex lost.

The judge didn’t agree with Markle that the tabloid acted “dishonestly” by quoting only passages of her letter. Justice Mark Warby dismissed Markle’s claim because, for him, it was “vague and lacking in particulars.”

“The pleaded case as it stands is ‘embarrassing’ in the old sense that it places the defendant in an impossible position, whereby it cannot tell what case it has to meet,” the judge added.

Thomas Sr. upset with Prince Harry

Aside from commenting on the lawsuit, Thomas Jr. shared his father’s true feelings towards the Duke of Sussex. According to Thomas Jr., Markle’s father is holding a grudge at Prince William’s brother for not asking his permission for Markle’s hand.

“My dad has always been upset that Harry never asked him formally for his daughter’s hand in marriage,” Thomas Jr. said.

Meghan Markle and Thomas Sr.’s relationship

Meghan Markle and Thomas Sr. are not on speaking terms. The former Suits star has stopped talking to her dad after he canceled his attendance at her wedding.

Thomas Sr. tried to reach out to Markle and Prince Harry, but they never responded. In another interview, Thomas Jr. said that their dad no longer cares if Markle would return to him or not.

“Seriously, he has only got a few good years left. I talked to him the other day and this is going to hurt, he is to the point where he actually doesn’t really care if she comes back into his life or not,” Thomas Jr. said.

However, he still begged Markle to come and see their dad. According to him, as children, they owe it to their father to be present in his life.

Image courtesy of Northern Ireland Office / CC BY

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