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Meghan Markle worries: Duchess BFF will allegedly expose Sussex ‘secrets’


Meghan Markle now, reportedly, faces her worries as Jessica Mulroney will allegedly expose her secrets.

Following the controversies that emerged involving Jessica Mulroney, Meghan Markle reportedly “worries” over what her best friend has to say about her. As stated, the Duchess’ long time best friend will allegedly “expose” her and the Royal Family’s “secrets.”

Jessica Mulroney’s “white privilege” controversy

Earlier last month, Jessica Mulroney faced a huge backlash after her row with influencer Sasha Exeter. Meghan Markle’s best friend comes “under fire” because of this, according to the Huffington Post.

The influencer reportedly shared a video on Instagram, revealing what the Duchess’ pal did to her. As explained, Mulroney “did not approve” of Exeter’s “general” call of action.

This reportedly centered on encouraging other online influencers the usage of their respective platforms to support the black community. Alongside her disapproval, Jessica Mulroney reportedly “threatened” Sasha Exeter’s livelihood.

After the revelations, several clients and projects reportedly “fired” Mulroney. But, what came as a shock was the news claiming that Meghan Markle also fired her as her best friend.

Meghan Markle allegedly “distanced” herself

Amid the whole debacle, sources said that Meghan Markle “distanced” herself from her now-ex best friend. As stated, she even “cut off” contact with Jessica Mulroney.

While this narrative has continued to develop, some sources have other claims at hand. Based on assertions, “insiders” revealed that the fallout between the two pals started even before the “white privilege” controversy, according to Page Six.

Whatever the case, though, insiders now claim that the whole thing, undoubtedly, “worries” Meghan Markle. As stated, Jessica Mulroney is about to “expose” her and the Royal Family’s “secrets.”

Duchess of Sussex’s “biggest mistake”

Cutting ties with her long time best friend is Meghan Markle’s “biggest mistake,” sources told New Idea. As explained, the former television host now in total confusion that her pal has reportedly abandoned her “in her hour of need.”

This might reportedly be the Duchess’ biggest mistake since Mulroney is the “gatekeeper of every single one” of her, Prince Harry, and the palace’s secrets. It “could be disastrous,” especially if she will get her revenge, the source added.

In the end, however, the source noted that “Meghan Markle is aware” of this. Even so, she could not associate “with someone who is accused of racism when she’s positioning herself at the forefront of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“Meghan’s worried. Jessica was a key part of her life but her reputation is more important above all else,” the source said.

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