Meghan Markle’s father ‘doesn’t trust her’, gave up reconciliation, brother says

Meghan Markle father 'doesn't trust her', gave up reconciliation, brother says

Meghan Markle and her dad, Thomas Markle Sr., are not on speaking terms, and the latter no longer cares if they don’t talk again, her half-brother says.

Meghan Markle used to be close to her father, Thomas Markle Sr. However, things changed when he was involved in staging photos in the run-up of her royal wedding to Prince Harry. Markle Sr. canceled his attendance at the duchess’ big day, and since then, they never talked.

Meghan Markle and her dad’s current relationship

In an exclusive interview with Mirror, Meghan Markle’s half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. claimed that their dad, Thomas Markle Sr., is no longer interested in reconciling with the duchess.

“As far as a reunion goes, he’s given up on Meghan and Harry completely,” Markle Jr. said.

“He doesn’t trust her and doesn’t want to know that person because of the lies, manipulation and deceit. He just had his 76th birthday – needless to say, he didn’t hear from Meghan.”

The Markles commented on Finding Freedom

Thomas Markle Jr. also commented on Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s book Finding Freedom. The publication aimed to present the real Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who were often misrepresented.

The book claims that Prince Harry tried to reach out to their dad, but Markle Jr. denied it.

“It says Harry spoke to our dad to say if he’d listened to him, Harry, there wouldn’t have been any problems. That just did not happen. All these hundreds of texts and calls Meghan sent my dad ahead of the wedding? Our father wasn’t even at his house. He was in hospital,” he said.

“His phone was switched off. That’s why he didn’t answer, there’s no way he could have. Our dad actually called her scores of times ahead of the wedding after he made the mistake of doing those pics, but he was ignored. The Palace told Meghan and Harry to send help for my father so he could deal with the Press but they refused. Meghan herself said no.”

Meanwhile, Thomas Markle Sr. addressed the issue about him staging his photos. According to him, Meghan Markle did the same when she was an actress.

“Apparently Meghan has made deals with the paparazzi. She planned it,” Markle Sr. told The Sun.

He also criticized the timing of the release of the Sussexes’ biography.

“This is the worst time in the world for them to be whining and complaining about anything — because people everywhere are suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic,” Markle Sr. said.

What went wrong between Meghan and her dad

Meghan Markle used to talk fondly about her dad, who was a lighting director. However, their relationship went awry when he didn’t make it into her big day. Thomas Markle Sr. was supposed to walk Markle down the aisle, instead, it was Prince Charles who did it.

Markle Sr. said he underwent heart surgery and was recovering, so he couldn’t make it to her big day. However, a source told Daily Mail that he didn’t have surgery and was just too embarrassed to face the royal family after his staging photo scandal.

According to Markle Sr., he had been trying to reach out to his daughter, but she kept ignoring him. He exhausted all the possible ways to get to her, but to no avail.

Since he was desperate to get Meghan Markle’s attention, Markle Sr. graced several interviews, which only made the matter worse. Meghan Markle still refused to talk to him.

However, in Markle’s court documents against Daily Mail, the duchess said it was her dad who kept on ignoring her.

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