Meghan Markle’s first television appearance since ‘Megxit’ released

Meghan Markle first television appearance since Megxit released

Meghan Markle makes her first TV appearance since her royal exit. The wife of Prince Harry, reportedly, talked about her most recent project, Elephant.

On Monday, the Duchess of Sussex was seen on Good Morning America through a “pre-recorded” interview. As per Page Six, a source cleared out that the segment was filmed last summer.

Meghan Markle shared that she is “grateful” to be a part of the Disney documentary film. She reportedly said that she is “lucky” for the opportunity to bring the story of elephants into life.

Duchess of Sussex’s narration of Disney+’s Elephant

According to Insider, the documentary dropped on the Disney Plus platform on April 3. The premise of Elephant follows an African elephant, Shani. She travels with her calf, Jomo, across the Kalahari Desert in search of water.

It was added that while Meghan Markle was not entirely “acting” throughout the film, her voiceover for the narration of the story is “spot on.” The same publication then added that it is not surprising why the Duchess has this kind of empathetic voice throughout the film.

She reportedly explained in the interview that she has “hands-on” experience with elephants in their natural habitat. When people spend time “connecting with elephants” and other animals in wildlife, they would understand that everyone has an important role. This has something mainly to do with the “preservation and safety” of their lives and habitats, the Duchess said.

Meghan also said that she hopes that the public will realize through the film “how connected” everyone is. She continued to assert that if people have more “awareness,” she thinks that everyone would “take care of each other,” including animals, “in a very different way.”Sussexes' plans after Megxit

Sussexes’ plans after Megxit

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex formally left the British Royal Family on March 31. The couple is now living in Los Angeles, along with their firstborn son, Archie.

It remains unclear as to what their plans are outside the monarchy. However, the emergence of Elephant has seemingly caused many royal fans and experts to conclude that Meghan Markle might return to Hollywood.

Amid the speculations over her future movements, the Duchess’ work with Disney for Elephant is reportedly an exchange for donations. As stated, Disney Nature and Disney Conservation Fund will be donating the proceeds of the film to Elephants Without Borders, which is a charity that works with elephants in Botswana.

Meghan Markle is reportedly an advocate of the charity, even before her time as a royal.


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