Melania Trump 2020 RNC Night 2 speech receives mixed reactions from celebrities

Melania Trump Night 2 2020 RNC speech receives mixed reactions from celebrities

Melania Trump wrapped up the second night of the Republican National Convention with a speech promoting her husband, President Donald Trump, and the netizens have mixed opinions about it.

Melania Trump showed her support and loyalty to her husband by being there for him at the Republican National Convention. The First Lady also delivered a speech at the event.

Melania Trump 2020 RNC night 2 address

Melania has been very supportive of her husband’s political career. On the second night of 2020 RNC, the First Lady focused her address on President Donald Trump‘s accomplishments.

In her address, the FLOTUS stressed that she didn’t want to use the opportunity to attack the other sides because it would only divide the country further.

“Just as you are fighting for your families, my husband, our family and the people in this administration, are here fighting for you,” the FLOTUS said as quoted by Entertainment Tonight.

“No matter the amount of negative or false media headlines or attacks from the other side, Donald Trump has not and will not lose focus on you,” Melania Trump continued.

“He loves this country and he knows how to get things done. As you have learned over the past five years, he’s not a traditional politician. He doesn’t just speak words. He demands action and he gets results.”

The Trump supporters praised the FLOTUS’ speech because it was warm, empathetic, and uplifting. However, a number of celebrities who are against the current administration criticized it.

Melania’s speech criticized

The netizens who wish to replace Donald Trump at the oval office criticized Melania Trump’s speech. For them, they had enough of the Trumps. Some even attacked the FLOTUS and called her “racist” and a “birther.”

Alyssa Milano also took a jab at the FLOTUS by bringing up her controversial “I really don’t care, do u” jacket.

“Just a reminder: Melania Trump doesn’t care. #TrumpChaos #RNCConvention2020,” Milano wrote.

FLOTUS’ supporters praised her

Despite the backlash, many still supported Melania Trump. Countless showered the FLOTUS with praises because, for them, her speech at the event was wonderful.

Journalist Benny Johnson found Melania’s speech “amazing.”

Meanwhile, DeAnna Lorraine said the country needs more women like the FLOTUS and less like Cardi B.

“If Melania Trump were a Democrat, She would be on the cover of every major magazine and hailed by the media for her grace, language, and beauty,” Ryan Fournier added.

“Melania Trump is the Jackie O that Democrats wished they had,” author, host, and comedian Tim Young opined.

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