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Melania Trump urged to divorce Donald Trump now


Donald Trump faces “charges” over the riots at the U.S. Capitol, and this might cost him and Melania Trump millions.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump continue to face divorce rumors, especially now that they are no longer inside the White House. Over the years under the spotlight, such speculations and rumors have plagued the former First Couple because of many reasons.

Several individuals believe that they will soon separate, emphasizing that the former First Lady will be the one who will file for divorce. Despite all the assertions, though, the couple has yet to address the allegations. But, an expert recently claimed that she should do it now, according to the Daily Express.

Why Melania Trump should divorce Donald Trump as soon as possible

Speaking to the Daily Star, Eric Schiffer warned that the charges filed against Donald Trump will have negative impacts on his marriage to Melania Trump. There is a “clear and present danger,” he began.

The brand and reputation management expert continued that an indictment for the former First Lady will be “neither cool nor fashionable to her acquired tastes.” Moreover, the charges will cost the former U.S. President millions. Hence, he might not be able to pay out the hefty costs of the potential divorce.

Accordingly, Schiffer suggested that Melania’s advisers will likely urge her to “move fast” in filing the papers. If she fails to do so and files for divorce, later on, Trump will not be able to cover the nearly AU$2 million divorce.

About the divorce rumors

The divorce rumors have always been apparent amid their time inside the White House. But, the speculations further strengthened their stance following their exit.

Many individuals, even former staff members of Donald Trump, asserted that Melania Trump was already “counting every minute” until they got out of Washington to leave her husband. Some also added that she would immediately file for divorce when Trump is no longer the president.

As the rumors continue to develop, the former First Couple seemingly refrains from breaking their silence about the matter. Therefore, no one truly, knows what the Trumps are planning to do in the next few months or years.

Melania will not file for divorce

While the allegations persist to develop in recent weeks, some personalities believe that the former First Lady will not divorce her husband. R Couri Hay, who claims to have close links to the couple, is one of the individuals who has a similar thought, according to a separate report from the Daily Express.

He said that the likelihood of the Trump couple staying together is 99.99 percent. He even emphasized that it will come as a “shock” if Melania Trump divorces Donald Trump.

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