Melania Trump doing preparatory steps to separate from husband Donald: Report

Melania Trump doing preparatory steps to separate from husband Donald: Report

Melania Trump wants her own space in Mar-a-Lago, which could be a hint that she wants to separate from her husband, Donald Trump.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump have already moved out of the White House. The former first couple flew to Florida on the day Joe Biden moved to the presidential home. A new report claimed that the ex-FLOTUS wants her own space in the Palm Beach area.

Melania allegedly wants a separate office

The former first lady is looking for a separate space in the Palm Beach area, CNN reported. Melania Trump’s post-White House office will reportedly be consist of three of her White House staff members. 

Hayley D’Antuono, Melania’s former director of operations and trip supervisor, is her new chief of staff. Mary “Casey” Finzer, her low-level staff assistant in the East Wing office, will still be working for her to keep stock of her “gift closet.” She will ensure that the items would be kept and wrapped to be distributed at school or hospital.

Marcia Kelly, who served as the former first lady’s unpaid senior adviser, will be still be working for Melania. However, it is unclear if she will receive a salary this time.

Melania allegedly hinting her wish to separate

Louisa Whitney, a family mediator of LKW Family Mediation, shared her thoughts about Melania wanting a separate office from her husband. For her, it’s a hint that the former FLOTUS wants to separate from Donald. She didn’t mean divorce but stressed that Melania might want an identity for herself.

“Melania’s wish for a separate office could well be preparatory steps for explaining to Donald that she’d like to separate – she might be seeking to set up a role for herself that builds on the work she did as First Lady,” she told Daily Star.

“She might also want to be setting up an identity for herself in her own right. It can be hard I think for anyone separating to establish themselves as just that person rather than part of a couple – especially if their partner was more high-profile, more outgoing or better-known than them.”

Melania and Donald’s future

The psychics from predicted that Melania Trump would divorce her husband, Donald Trump, this summer. The psychics see the former first lady dating a prominent businessman.

However, those who know the couple don’t think so that divorce is imminent. Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen said Melania wouldn’t leave her husband because they “deserve each other.”


Image used courtesy of The New York Times/ YouTube Screenshot

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