Melania Trump, Donald Trump ‘happy to be separated’, book claims


Melania Trump and Donald Trump do not mind being away from each other and are actually “happy to be separated,” according to a new book.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump have been married for over a decade already. However, the President and First Lady’s marriage has sparked various speculations, with some alleging that they are not happy.

Mary Jordan shared new details about the first couple in her book The Art of Her Deal.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump happy to be away from each other

Most couples spend as much time together but not Melania Trump and Donald Trump. In fact, according to the author, they enjoy their time apart.

“I don’t know any couple that spends as much time apart. They are often in the same building, but nowhere near each other,” Jordan wrote per Express.

Among the reasons, they don’t spend more time together could be due to their different interests. Melania doesn’t like golf and opts to have her own little spa.

She also rarely goes into the West Wing. Additionally, both are loners.

“She likes to be isolated. She is a loner. He is a loner. They’re perfectly happy to be separated,” Jordan added.


The first couple has ‘unusual relationship’

Although President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Donald Trump don’t spend so much time together, their marriage is intact. In fact, the FLOTUS is the first person the POTUS calls after making a speech.

Trump doesn’t trust so many people, but he trusts his wife. Also, Melania makes it a point to watch her husband’s speech on TV.

“So they have a very unusual relationship, but there is a bond there: they have a deal, right from the beginning,” Jordan added.

“He loves himself, he loves his job, he’s got his own life and he spends a lot of time apart from her. And she’s absolutely fine with that.”

More claims about the FLOTUS in the book

Jordan made several claims about the FLOTUS in the publication. According to her, Melania Trump bragged her husband’s manhood size to her friends. The First Lady didn’t like it when her pals joked that the POTUS has a small penis.

“Don’t say this – he’s a real man,” Melania said.

Also, many expressed their concern about the FLOTUS after her awkward photo-op with her husband a few weeks back. There were speculations that she wasn’t happy with her marriage.

However, there is nothing to worry about Melania because she’s just the same as her husband.

“In her own way, she is as complex and complicated as her husband. She is also much more like him than it appears,” Jordan wrote and later added, “Both are avid creators of their own history.”

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