Melania Trump glams up in latest coronavirus video at the White House

Melania Trump looked stunning in her latest coronavirus PSA, which was shared on her official Twitter account.

Melania Trump looked stunning in her latest coronavirus PSA, which was shared on her official Twitter account.

In the 42-second clip, the FLOTUS’s hair is neatly combed and parted on the side. It also seems as though she just got her hair colored in a lighter shade of brown.

Her makeup also accentuates the boney structure of her face. The first lady dons a black coat and white blouse in the video, and her nails are painted in glossy white.

In her video the FLOTUS captioned: “To the children of America, in these difficult times, I encourage you to try and make the best of your day. Together with kindness and care, we will get through this temporary but tough time”.

Melania Trump glams up

Melania Trump glams up

Vanity Fair tried to reach out to the first lady’s team at the White House to ask how she is able to maintain her stunning appearance while on self-quarantine. Unfortunately, they failed to get any response.

But two years ago, hair care professional Mordechai Alvow said that the FLOTUS usually glams herself up on her own. And the way she looks in public is done intentionally.

“When someone is going to be in the eyes of the public and will constantly be on the news, there is a look that people want to understand and be comfortable with and associate with,” he said.

Alvow also said that Melania maintains a look that suggests she’s the mother of the public. And just like all mothers, she is required to have a steady look.

Meanwhile, Melania’s supporters have also been curious when it comes to her daily morning routine. Despite her busy schedule, the first lady still makes it a point to wake up at 5:30 every morning.

The FLOTUS’s health regimen

Donald Trump’s wife also exercises regularly at home. Her workouts typically include weights, Pilates, and other low-impact routines. She also plays tennis regularly.

The FLOTUS’ diet includes healthy smoothies, oatmeal, and fiber-rich foods. Every now and then, Melania treats herself to some snacks like a bit of chocolate because her body needs it too.

During her interview with Allure in 2011, Melania’s mom gave her one of the best advice she has ever received. She said that it is important to take care of one’s self so that she could also take care of other people.

The first lady also said that having some relaxation time is good for both the skin and the body.

Images used courtesy of Andrea Hanks from the White House and Marc Nozell / CC BY 2.0

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