Melania Trump humiliation: FLOTUS criticized for coronavirus flypast post

Melania Trump humiliation: FLOTUS criticized for coronavirus flypast post

Melania Trump shared a clip of flypast on Twitter to salute healthcare and frontline workers. However, many reacted negatively to the FLOTUS’ post.

Melania Trump showed her support for the people who continue to work amid the coronavirus pandemic by sharing the flypast dedicated to the frontline workers. However, several disapproved of her way.

Melania Trump’s flyover was unnecessary

On Sunday, Melania Trump shared three photos on Twitter featuring the flypast in Washington, D.C. The spectacular flyover was for the frontline workers.

“Thank you to the @AFThunderbirds and @BlueAngels for this beautiful display of solidarity,” Melania wrote in the caption.


One of the photos featured Melania looking up while waving at the aircraft. Although the snaps were beautiful to watch, several netizens found the whole event unnecessary.

Many questioned how the show could help the frontliners.

Meanwhile, Denise Wu said that healthcare workers do not need an air show. Instead, they are begging for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Another user named MissY agreed and suggested that the funds should have been set aside for what the healthcare workers really needed. Anyway, they were working when the show happened.

“This pomp and circumstance does not impress.  It’s a pandemic…we don’t need a flyover,” the netizen added.

“You want to show support- take what it cost to put on that display and give it to the frontline workers,” Peter Wells added.


Melania Trump mocked for wasting money

Since the healthcare and frontline workers don’t need the flyover, many consider the ceremony a waste of money.

“Even in the midst of a crisis, our government hasn’t forgotten how to waste money,” David Mann wrote criticizing Melania.

Meanwhile, another user said that if the aircraft were dropping COVID-19 test kids and PPE, it would be a real salute. Otherwise, it would just be an empty gesture from the “inept, and corrupt administration.”

Melania Trump’s supporters defend her

While many slammed the FLOTUS’ post, several also defended her. According to them, the flypast had a purpose.

For TXMJay, encouraging others is never a waste of money. In fact, it’s “priceless.” It’s just sad that many couldn’t see that.

Just like TXMJay, Jake believed that the ceremony could boost the frontliners’ moral. He added that “moral and American pride can be powerful.”

“Boosting morale for the whole nation is pretty important in a time like this,” another online user added.


Melania’s critics insisted that flypast wasn’t effective

Twitter users have a mixed reaction about the flypast. Some agreed with Melania that it could boost morale. However, some insisted that it was not effective at all.

Maria Kirchner said it didn’t boost anything except for the country’s national debt. She found the flyover an extremely stupid move.

Meanwhile, another user said it wasn’t helpful because it gathered crowds and would only make healthcare workers’ lives more difficult.

Images courtesy of Mark Nozell/Flickr

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