Melania Trump marked BE BEST 2nd anniversary despite alleged failures

Melania Trump marked BE BEST 2nd anniversary despite alleged failures

Melania Trump recently celebrated the second anniversary of BE BEST initiative. Reports, however, claimed that it fell “short of goals” in this year’s mark.

On Thursday, Melania Trump released several videos and messages to mark the National Day of Prayer. But, aside from the annual event, she also celebrated her initiative, BE BEST.

Two years ago, the United States First Lady “formally introduced” the East Wing’s public awareness campaign. Following her introduction, Donald Trump signed a proclamation declaring May 7 as the nation’s “BE BEST” day.

While this is a huge milestone for Melania, the celebration reportedly came with a few concerns. The First Lady and her initiative fell “short of goals” in its second-year anniversary, according to CNN.

Melania Trump expanding the focus of BE BEST

The publication pointed out that Melania Trump announced the expansion of the campaign’s focus during the first anniversary. As stated, the three pillars would include “overall online safety” rather than just social media well-being.

Although the First Lady did a few programs and efforts for the announced expansion, the guidelines “never materialized.” Also, it is said that Melania only attended “fewer than ten” events centered on children’s online safety.

Expansion on opioid pillar

Alongside youth’s well-being and online safety, the third pillar of the East Wing’s initiative is focused on opioid abuse. As explained, Melania Trump also announced last year that this specific pillar would expand, as well. The range of expansion will reportedly include the “impact of the drug crisis” on all children, and not just infants.

However, the publication revealed that there was no clear explanation of what this expansion would entail. The First Lady also did not reportedly make any remarks about this matter in her message addressing the initiative’s second year.

The First Lady’s remarks

Melania Trump released an official statement through the White House. She said that she is “proud” of the effort and work of everyone under the campaign.

The First Lady then shared that it is “always inspiring” to witness “life-changing work” in every day lives around the world. In the end, she said that she will continue to “promote” solutions and “advocate for tools” that will help children strengthen their “social and emotional foundation” as they grow up.

But, apart from this, Melania Trump has not given any remark or update about the specifications of the “works” done by the East Wing, as well as her unnamed ambassadors. Also, reports revealed that the whole camp has remained silent about the issue.

Featured Image courtesy of The White House/Flickr

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