Melania Trump Prayer video deemed ‘creepy’; FLOTUS slammed

Melania Trump Prayer video deemed 'creepy'; FLOTUS slammed

On National Day of Prayer, Melania Trump released a video message to mark the day. However, several individuals criticized her and deemed the video “creepy.”

Melania Trump has continued to release her office’s messages through videos on social media. Alongside her so-called “telephone diplomacy,” her videos have become more apparent these days.

It is not surprising, though, given that the United States is still in lockdown. So, amid the pandemic crisis, it reportedly makes sense why the First Lady’s office reaches out through video links.

On Thursday, Melania released a video to mark the National Day of Prayer. Just like the previous ones, she posted it on her social media accounts. However, the public seemingly found the video “displeasing” and unnatural, according to  Express UK. As stated, she has shown the lack of “heart” and “personality.”

Melania Trump released a video to “encourage” Americans to turn to prayer

The First Lady of the United States shared the nearly 2-minute video on Twitter. She wrote a message to “Americans of faith” to turn to prayer as the nation marks its National Day of Prayer. Also, she said that may this day remind everyone of the “grace of God” and the “importance of faith” every day.

In the video, Melania Trump started by stating that the challenges of the “invisible enemy” confront the nation as they all celebrate the special day. But, she contended that the public’s unity, “strength, love, and devotion” will defeat this crisis.

She then continued to share that the Americans always “turn to prayer” in the “greatest time” of needs. This is why it is a must, especially today, that they all “unite” and “keep the faith.”

Netizens criticized Melania for sounding “robotic” and “creepy”

After releasing the video, several individuals immediately shared their thoughts and opinions about the post. While some shared gratitude and appreciation toward the First Lady, many netizens slammed her.

Based on the general reception of the critics, they said that they find the video “disturbing” and “creepy.” Some people even noted that this goes not only for this specific video but, to all of her video messages.

One follower stated that Melania Trump has shown the lack of “heart” and “personality,” unlike the former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Others also went on to agree that the video appeared as it was a “hostage video.”

The criticisms and objections have continued to develop until over the weekend. But, despite the negative responses made on the post, Melania Trump has stuck to her message that the nation will “get through” the crisis. She also ensured the public that “better days are ahead” of everyone.


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