Melania Trump shares beauty, skincare tips to stay young


Melania Trump has followed the same beauty, fitness, and skincare regimen since then. These things are likely the reason why she looks young and fit at 50.

Melania Trump just recently celebrated her 50th birthday inside the White House. But, despite reaching the start of her golden years, she has appeared much younger and fitter these days.

It is not surprising why many individuals have praised and applauded her for her looks and appearance. Aside from the stylish fashion choices, reports noted that she also invests in her own health. This is likely the reason why she has maintained her “youthful glow.”

Melania Trump and her healthy skin

According to The Sun UK, Melania Trump has been able to maintain her radiant, glowing skin by eating the right foods. As stated, she starts her day with a healthy breakfast.

While Ivanka Trump does not believe in green juices, the First Lady does. Sources revealed that Melania always opts for green smoothies and juices to start the day right.

Throughout the day, she also targets to finish seven pieces of fruit. But, despite the healthy options, she also indulges in her cravings from time to time. These include a can of Diet Coke and “a bit of chocolate.”

The First Lady’s exercise routines

The publication continued to share that alongside the healthy option for her diet, Melania Trump also incorporates exercises and workout routines to her lifestyle. Prior to the pandemic crisis, the First Lady reportedly often posts photos of her playing tennis.

Several sources also shared that she loves to do Pilates and cardio workouts. But, if not, she reportedly walks around the White House with her “ankle weights.”

Melania’s take on beauty

As per The Cut, Botox and plastic surgeries are a big “no-no” for Melania Trump. She previously stated that she had always been asked about this. But, as cleared out, she said, “did not do anything” to her face. 

Instead, she touted that she lives a “healthy life,” and she takes care of herself. She then added that she wants to age naturally and “gracefully,” as her mom did.

Aside from being “against needles” and injections, she also mentioned that “prioritizing sleep” is one of the best hacks to stay healthy. As reported, Melania Trump has always given importance to her rest and sleep. She also added that staying away from “stresses,” is, by far, the best beauty tip that her mother has given to her.


Images (1) & (2) courtesy of The White House/Flickr

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