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Melania Trump shock: FLOTUS as complex, complicated as POTUS, book claims


Melania Trump appears very silent and submissive when she is out and about with her husband, President Donald Trump. For others, they looked very different, but one book claims the couple is just the same.

Melania Trump is not as outspoken as Donald Trump. She talks less and doesn’t enjoy the cameras like her husband and step-children. Many are worried about her in the White House; however, a new book suggests that there’s no reason to feel that way.

Melania Trump is just like her husband, Donald Trump

There were a lot of concerns about Melania Trump in the past year. In fact, at one point, the hashtag “#FreeMelania” trended.

However, according to Mary Jordan in her new book The Art of Her Deal, Melania Trump is just like her husband, President Donald Trump. The first couple is very much alike that people should not worry about FLOTUS.

“In her own way, she is as complex and complicated as her husband. She is also much more like him than it appears,” Jordan wrote and later added, “Both are avid creators of their own history.”

Melania Trump concerns in the White House

Melania Trump did not move with President Donald Trump in the White House after his inauguration. Instead, she stayed in New York for several months before moving into her new home.

Many expressed concern for the First Lady because, for them, she seemed unhappy. Also, just recently, the president and first lady had an awkward photo-op.

During their visit to St. John Paul II National Shrine in Washington, they stopped to face the press. Trump was all smiles when he faced the cameras, but Melania looked very serious.

Trump keeps on smiling while saying something to the FLOTUS.  Shortly after that, Melania faked a smile. She smiled dryly for a second.

Some netizens said she looked terrified. There were speculations that she was no longer happy with her marriage.

FLOTUS doesn’t need to be freed

Some felt that Melania Trump was like a prisoner in the White House, but that’s not true. In fact, according to Arwa Mahdawi, in an op-ed for The Guardian, Melania doesn’t need to be freed from the POTUS.

In addition, Mahdawi called the First Lady an “opportunist” and agreed that she’s just like her husband because she turns a blind eye to his deeds.

She stressed that in contrast to what many believe, the First Lady is not a “helpless victim.”

“It’s time to retire the #FreeMelania hashtag, the new biography of the first lady, written by Washington Post reporter Mary Jordan, argues. ‘She is … much more like [Trump] than it appears,’” Mahdawi wrote.

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