Melania Trump clapped back, slammed media for ‘unhealthy obsession’ with her

Melania Trump clapped back, slammed media for 'unhealthy obsession' with her

Sources alleged that Melania Trump spends most of her days in a spa following their exit from the White House.

Nearly a month has passed since Melania Trump and Donald Trump left the White House. The former couple flew from Washington to Florida hours before Joe Biden’s inauguration. They did not attend the historical event nor officially welcomed the new First Couple of the United States.

The former First Lady has since maintained her silence in her new home. Despite this, though, speculations and allegations continue to plague her. This, then, caused her to release a statement on the official account of her office via Twitter and slammed the media, according to the Daily Star.

Melania Trump implied that the media has an “obsession” with her

The official statement on the social media account went public after responding to a supporter’s tweet. Melania Trump’s office said that she is “no longer First Lady,” adding that she is a “private citizen, mother, and wife.”

The post continued that the sources of the latest allegations about her are “not affiliated with her nor have insight” into her thoughts. It, later on, mentioned the “CNN’s FLOTUS Correspondent” and slammed the person, saying that she is “choosing to publish false gossip,” which “illustrates the media’s unhealthy obsession.”

Melania’s official office account made declarations following the release of a report from CNN‘s Kate Bennett. The article claimed that she is “disengaged” from Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and “bitter” over Jill Biden’s fame.

Former First Lady reportedly stays “out of the fray”

On Friday, Bennett released the piece in question for CNN, with sources claiming, as well, that Melania Trump spends most of her post-White House days at a spa. While she checks in on Donald Trump’s trial from time to time, she has reportedly “mentally all but left Washington behind.”

The tipsters, then, alleged that her daily schedule “has nothing to with politics, Congress, trials” or anything related to it. She, instead, “goes to the spa” twice a day before lunch and dinner with her husband. It has been a “rinse and repeat” for her every day.

No “significant change” in her routines

Insiders, later on, stated that Trump’s current activities are nothing different from what she did inside the White House. It is reportedly “the same as it was before” when she was the First Lady of the United States.

When the publication asked for an official comment, Melania Trump and her office did not respond. Reports noted, however, that she is setting up her office in Florida. She also hired three former East Wing employees to continue the works of her Be Best campaign.


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