Melania Trump wants to divorce POTUS Donald Trump, a former aide claimed


Melania Trump is, allegedly, planning to divorce her husband, President Donald Trump, once he is out of office.

Melania Trump and Donald Trump have been married for 15 years already. However, a former aide shared her opinion about their marriage and said that the First Lady could not wait to dump the POTUS and move on with her life.

Melania Trump allegedly wants to divorce Donald Trump

Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former political aide to President Donald Trump, published a book entitled Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House in 2018. In the publication, Newman alleged that the First Lady wanted to end her marriage with the POTUS.

“In my opinion, Melania is counting every minute until he is out of the office and she can divorce him,” she wrote.

Why wait until POTUS is out of office?

According to the former aide, Melania Trump couldn’t just leave Donald Trump anytime she wants while he is the president of the country. Doing so would be a huge embarrassment to the POTUS, so Trump will surely punish her.

“If Melania were to try to pull the ultimate humiliation and leave him while he’s in office, he would find a way to punish her,” Newman wrote.

The author added that Trump knew the details of how Melania acquired her permanent U.S. citizenship. He could expose it and invalidate her citizenship.


Melania’s spokesperson responded

Melania’s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham responded to Newman’s claims in her books. According to Grisham, when Newman was still working for President Donald Trump, Melania “rarely, if ever, interacted” with her.

Grisham also expressed disappointment about Newman’s claims in her book.

“It’s disappointing to her that she is lashing out and retaliating in such a self-serving way, especially after all the opportunities given to her by the president,” Grisham said.

What did Donald and Melania say about their marriage?

The first couple is aware of the various rumors about their marriage. However, they did not allow it to bother them.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump are happy and confident about their marriage. In fact, in a past interview, the POTUS said they don’t fight.

“We literally have never had an argument. We just are very compatible,” Trump told CNN in 2005 about their stress-free relationship.

In another interview with Howard Stern in 2007, Trump also praised Melania for being a “wonderful” mom. According to the POTUS, Melania takes care of their son, Barron, and he pays all the cost.

Melania has nothing but praises when it comes to her husband, too. The FLOTUS said she supports her husband 100 percent. Also, they are very independent and have a “great relationship.”

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