Melania Trump’s life inside the White House amid pandemic revealed

Melania Trump life inside the White House amid COVID-19

Melania Trump is observing social distancing guidelines. But, what do her days look like inside the White House amid the pandemic crisis?

Melania Trump just recently celebrated her 50th birthday inside the White House. Just like the rest of the public, she marked her special day with her family inside the comfort of her own home.

But, despite the need to stay indoors, the First Lady reportedly continues to do her work in the East Wing. As recently reported, she has already done several efforts to help fight the “invisible enemy.” 

Inside the White House amid COVID-19

According to Express UK, the East Wing’s Chief of Staff, Stephanie Grisham, reportedly shared that Melania Trump has been strictly observing the distancing guidelines even inside the White House. Given that the 55,000-square-foot property has over 300 employees and staff, it is not surprising why they all need to follow the CDC’s guidelines.

Amid the pandemic crisis, however, the publication noted that the “non-essential” workers and staff are currently working from home. As added, even the staff inside the White House residence has also been “reduced.”

Inside the White House amid COVID-19

As for those who are still working inside the property, they are reportedly observing a “six-foot distance” from Donald Trump and the rest of his family.

Melania Trump spends most of the day with Barron Trump

Melania Trump’s daily routines did not reportedly observe huge changes despite the crisis. As per Business Insider, the First Lady still wakes up not long after 5:30 in the morning.

On a typical day, the publication said that she prepares for her 14-year-old son, Barron Trump’s school. Aside from waking him up, she also reportedly prepares him breakfast and lunch. 

But, given the current crisis, Barron Trump has since switched to remote learning. Nevertheless, the First Lady has reportedly remained “hands-on” to her son. As noted, Melania sees motherhood as her “first job” above all else. 

First Lady observes a healthy lifestyle

Melania Trump has been known to observe a healthy lifestyle. Aside from walking around while wearing ankle weights, she also reportedly does Pilates every day in the morning.

For her diet, reports said that the First Lady starts her day with a “smoothie” or a bowl of oatmeal. Unlike her husband, she reportedly ensures to eat her breakfast.

The same publication also added that Melania always eats seven fruits per day. But, despite being a “healthy eater,” she also, sometimes, indulges with ice cream and chocolates, as per claims.

During night time, sources revealed that Melania Trump makes sure to get enough rest and sleep. As opposed to her husband’s daily three to four hours of sleep, she reportedly “prioritizes” the quality and quantity of her rest.


Images (1) & (2) courtesy of Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù/Flickr

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