Melanie Griffith forces Chris Martin to propose to daughter Dakota Johnson: Rumor

Melania Griffith is, allegedly, tired of waiting for Chris Martin to propose to her daughter, Dakota Johnson.

As such, National Enquirer claimed that the actress urged the musician to pop the question to Dakota Johnson amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Melanie Griffith wants Dakota Johnson, Chris Martin to settle down

Since Johnson and Martin have been dating since 2017, Griffith allegedly felt that now is the best time for the couple to seal the deal.

“Melanie wants to see Chris get serious and put a time frame for wedding plans or he’ll lose her support forever,” the source said.

The insider also claimed that Griffith became frustrated with Martin after he promised Johnson that they’d settle down if she takes him back.

Are Chris Martin, Dakota Johnson engaged? 

Are Chris Martin, Dakota Johnson engaged?

Last summer, there were reports that the couple split briefly.

As of late, Johnson and Martin have yet to get engaged. But regardless if they end up down the aisle or not, it’s unlikely for Griffith to involve herself in the couple’s relationship.

After all, Johnson is already an adult, so she can make decisions for herself.

This isn’t the first time that Johnson and Martin are rumored to have gotten engaged.

Life & Style claimed that the Coldplay frontman proposed to Johnson over the holidays.

“There’s no big announcement, but friends say Chris has quietly proposed. He and Dakota already act like a married couple, and they’re excited about finally making it official,” the source said.

Chris Martin’s ex-wife, kids will attend his wedding

The insider also claimed that Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s kids couldn’t wait for the singer and Johnson to tie the knot.

“Chris’ children really like Dakota. They spend a lot of time together and Apple and Moses will obviously be an important part of their special day. There’s a good chance that Gwyneth, who couldn’t be happier about the engagement, will be invited to the wedding, too,” the source said.

In Touch Weekly also claimed that Martin and Johnson had a quiet proposal over the holidays.

And their family and friends couldn’t be more thrilled that they will soon make things official.

A source also said that Dakota Johnson and Martin would have a star-studded wedding. And it will feature Paltrow and other A-listers.

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