Merkel: German healthcare to fall due to COVID-19

The amount of sufferers who are on lung ventilation has also increased in 9 days, Merkel said.

Germany sees an increment in COVID-19 cases as the Virus grips the whole of the European continent yet again. Consequently, Angela Merkel addresses the nation and warns them of more challenging times ahead.

Warning by Merkel

Germany’s coronavirus rate is very high. Consequently, if this stays, the healthcare system will reach its ends in a few weeks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke on Wednesday.

“We are speaking about the fact that the incidence of the virus spread is particularly high. We see an exponential rise in numbers. Today, we had double as many new infections a week ago, comparable to other relevant indicators. For example, the amount of cases in intensive care has increased over the past ten days,” Merkel asserted at a press conference in Berlin.

The action plan by Merkel for Germany

The news comes following an online meeting with the leaders of federal states on countering the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of patients on lung ventilation has also multiplied in nine days, further remarked.

“Our healthcare system now is still coping with these difficulties, but if these measures continue, then we will touch the limits of the capacities of the health care system in few weeks,” the Chancellor continued.

New restrictions for tackling the spread

“These are hard measures,” Merkel said, appending that the governments will review the effectiveness of each resolution within two weeks.

New restrictions involve the closure of bars, restaurants, theaters, and movies. Schools and kindergartens and stores will remain open while maintaining and practicing social distancing.

The Chancellor also talked about support measures. Like reimbursement of small businesses for damages in the amount of up to 75% of the general. She emphasized that the authorities’ goal is to avoid losing the economy as much as probable.

According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, higher than 472 thousand SARS-CoV-2 contagion cases and slightly higher than 10 thousand deaths due to causes associated with COVID-19 have been reported in Germany.

The response to the pandemic

The recent steps have created anger amongst Germany’s hospitality management.

Consequently, it is already doing a lot because of the coronavirus pandemic. The healthcare staged an objection at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate to demand financial aid from the government.

Meanwhile, the administration has announced 10 billion Euros in supplementary emergency aid to help those who have been financially struck by the pandemic.

Germany’s new daily infections hit its most significant total, yet on Wednesday, at over 14,000. These numbers are also with just 25% of the country’s intensive care units and vacancies open.

Image courtesy of Alexandros Michailidis/Shutterstock

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