‘Metro Exodus’ PS4 saves won’t transfer to the Playstation 5


In another problem exclusive to the Playstation, Metro Exodus PS4 will not have its saves available on the Playstation 5.

Exodus is going next-gen and it seems there’s a difference in the game’s delivery. The saves for Metro Exodus PS4 won’t go to PS5, but it will rather use a new chapter unlock system. The Xbox version will have save transfers thanks to its smart delivery.

Exodus lacked platform support during development

4A Games has now confirmed that the saves for Exodus won’t come to the PS5. For players who have saves on the PS4, they’re out of luck for now. The explanation comes as a lack of platform support during the game’s development.

“We need platform support for that, and at the time we were finishing up development on this, that wasn’t available, so we didn’t have a way to do that ourselves, unfortunately for PlayStation specifically,” said John Bloch, executive producer for Exodus.

Even then, all is not lost for fans of the game who are on Playstation 4. The company is releasing a chapter save system to work with any owner of the game. These chapter saves will contain enough amount of money and resources to cover players’ needs.

“This provides a default set of equipment and resources at the start of the selected chapter,” said Metro in a blog. “Achievements are turned off for the save slot when the unlock button is pressed. However we highly recommend you play through again, to get the best experience, and maybe a different ending.”

Next-gen Metro to include all DLCs

This is not the first time that migration from the PS4 to the PS5 became fussy. It’s not only Metro Exodus PS4 saves that don’t work. Initially in the PS5’s lifespan, Spider-Man Remastered did not have the ability to migrate saves either.

The entire shenanigan comes in contrast to the Xbox Series X|S and their Smart Delivery. Both consoles allow owners of the previous-gen console to play Metro on the PS5/Xbox. Even then, Xbox right now is easier to deal with.

“Also entering the line up today is the Metro Exodus Complete Edition, the definitive physical version for Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles, and includes the Metro Exodus base game as well as the two story expansions – The Two Colonels and Sam’s Story. Available now at your local retailer,” says their post.

Metro Exodus PS4 will allow for next-gen gameplay. The devs suggest that it’s better to play the game on the PS5 in its entirety.

Featured image courtesy of metrovideogame/Youtube Screenshot

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