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Metroidvania project, ‘Steamdolls: Order of Chaos’, features MGS’ Otacon, Snake voice actors


An ambitious Metroidvania project featuring the voice actors behind Solid Snake (David Hayter) and Otacon (Christopher Randolph) is already underway as Top Hat Studios managed to hit Kickstarter goals for Steamdolls: Order of Chaos.

Paris-based Top Hat Studios originally ran a Kickstarter campaign asking for an initial €30,000 funding.

Money’s Coming In

Funding continued to pour for the project surpassing €38,000 which essentially brought David Hayter into the project. Hayter will be voice-acting the game’s protagonist, The Whisper.

Still garnering financial support from multiple backers, a €52,000 target is reached, subsequently bringing Christopher Randolph in it as well. Unlike Hayter, Randolph’s role as a voice actor is not panned out yet. But it’s known that he’d voice a yet unnamed secondary character in-game.

As of writing, the Kickstarter project has attained another milestone by reaching $67,453 in funding. This means that in line with getting two prominent voice actors on board, the game will also get additional maps, gameplay elements, and music.

But there’s more to the project for funding. For a yet undetermined amount of sum, the game might get a new in-game character as well as a New Game+ feature.

What is Steamdolls: Order of Chaos?

In Steamdolls: Order of Chaos, players take on the role of the thief/assassin named The Whisper, set in a steampunk world. As a Metroidvania title, the game features a 2D linear design, with lots of nooks and crannies to explore.

With violence as its theme, the game also displays effects involving gore and blood. Speaking of which, Order of Chaos also features a stealth kill mechanics that brutalizes an enemy at any given opportunity.

There are also other gameplay mechanics in the game, too, that’s a staple in the Metroidvania genre. They involve an interactive environment, the presence of NPCs to talk with, a sprawling map, character skills, bosses, etc.

Early Expectations

As per the Kickstarter page, each NPC that the player encounters throughout the game comes with their own tragic story. Whether this highlight will make the game more engaging or not will depend on the game’s execution to it.

Adding a layer of diversity in the game is also the mechanics of the skills that let players build the protagonist in one of two ways. Whether to make The Whisper a fast and deadly assassin or a sluggish but powerful force in the game.

A free demo of Steamdolls: Order of Chaos is currently accessible on Steam. But the game is also in development for all current-gen (Xbox One, PS4, Switch) as well as next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X, PS5).

Image used courtesy of Top Hat Studios/YouTube Screenshot

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