Mevo Start improves features for livestream services

The newly released Mevo start has an upgraded battery-life, video, and audio resolution, made perfect for Livestream activities.

Due to what COVID-19 brought to people, ongoing high-demand exists for web cameras in online shopping websites such as Amazon and Best Buy. Mevo Start arrives in stores starting next week for $399, showcasing its newly enhanced characteristics ideal for timely and live streaming needs. 

The enhanced functions of Mevo Start ensure satisfaction among its users by supplying quality services in terms of its audio, video, and battery quality. The small-built camera requires it to be plugged to your computer’s USB port to make it work. It also allows adjusting its viewpoints according to what the user desires.

Perfect for events

With its enhanced attributes, the newly released Mevo Start is more suitable for live streaming events such as worshipping, concerts, games, and assemblies. Mevo Start directly brings live-stream activities to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. 

Its improved features help live streams retain its audience because of precise audio and video quality. New Mevo Start also gives convenience when it comes to battery-life that lessens users’ need for bulky cameras and phones. 

The new Mevo Start allows adjustments on certain angles according to the user’s desire. Users can modify camera angles based on the views they aim. They can either zoom in and out to supply a variety of opinions to viewers.

Also, the enhanced features of the Mevo Start act accordingly to the current situation. Important conferences and other happenings forcefully converted to social media live streams, that is why Mevo Start’s improved features function suitably to what people need nowadays. 

An alternative to smartphones and cameras

The inconvenience this pandemic causes is a rise in the public’s demand for Mevo Start. The $399 newly released Mevo Start comes with intensified quality in video, audio, and battery.

New Mevo Start is an ideal alternative for heavily-built cellphone and camera which need regular battery replacements. Most especially now that many events have shifted to streaming live, this device suits different resolution needs. 

This webcam-like camera is perfect for those who aim for comfortability and convenience while taking a live stream. Its tiny built allows users to take control of what’s happening in their live stream.

Images courtesy of mevo/featured, mevo/sub

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