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Mexican president condemns the death of Salvadoran woman in police custody


Mexico’s president on Monday (March 29) denounced the weekend crime about a Salvadoran woman in the Mexican police administration, who died later; a female officer was viewed in a video kneeling beside her back.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announced 36-year-old Victoria Salazar Arriaza had been subjected to “cruel treatment and killed.” This is after her custody on Saturday by four police deputies near the tourist hotel Tulum near the Caribbean coast.

A post-mortem confirmed Salazar’s neckline had been crushed. It’s a circumstance that fills us with sorrow, sadness, and guilt. Lopez Obrador said that the regular news conference was restricted to securing women’s rights. It highlighted a video by spokesmen, including French President Emmanuel Macron.

Salazar’s criminals would soon meet justice, Lopez Obrador said, declaring that there would be “no impunity.” Post-mortem findings showed Salazar died of a spinal dislocation made by the first and second vertebrae crack revealed by the attorney-at-law officer of Quintana Roo.

The office on Sunday unfolded a crime investigation into Salazar’s death. This headed to the arrest of three male officers and one female officer on the picture. The four face the government for doubted femicide, the office said. The office said that violence was brought out in a disproportionate, extravagant way and with a huge risk to survival.

The death of a Salvadoran woman

Salazar was a divorced mother. She had struggled in Tulum cleaning lodges, her mother, Rosibel Arriaza, said journalists outside the foreign service in San Salvador. “Governments are supposed to defend people with all the systems they have to try to defeat someone, but this was an injustice of power,” Arriaza said.

“She didn’t deserve this loss.” Salazar gave two daughters, aged 15 and 16, who lived with her near Mexico. They are the reason why she had emigrated, she replied. “She worked for a better tomorrow for the daughters and to support them get ahead,” Arriaza said.

Furthermore, Salazar had lived in Mexico for at least 2018. She was given refugee status for compassionate reasons, Mexico’s migration institute told. A video advertised by news site Noticaribe showed Salazar suffering and crying out. She lay face down on the street with a policewoman bending on her back while male officers stood by.

The video next revealed Salazar’s lying, handcuffed body lying near the road before police officers put her back to the police truck. Quintana Roo Attorney General Óscar Montes de Oca told Mexican radio that police officers reacted to an emergency call for help at a convenience market when she was confined.

Sparked protests

Salazar offered resistance at the shop exit. The police “inadequately applied bodily control methods that eventually caused (Salazar’s) death,” he appended. Her loss, which echoes George Floyd’s incident, an African-American man who died in May as a Minneapolis policeman stooped on his neckline, sparked outrage on social media and El Salvador’s president’s calls for the punishment of the deputies.

Meanwhile, the disappointment over a failure to check violence upon women in Mexico sparked Lopez Obrador’s significant protests.

Image courtesy of TRT World Now/YouTube

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