‘MGS5’ PS3 user base managed “Total Nuclear Disarmament” 5 years post-game release

MGS5 Total Nuclear Disarmament goal achieved

Metal Gear Solid 5 (MGS5) features an online aspect that lets players attack or defend their bases from other players to secure the resources. Aside from giving players multiplayer capability, this online feature also keeps track of every player’s base status. One particular concern being whether such bases have developed a nuke that serves no other purpose than to trigger a certain event.

Ironically, the event being the celebration over the decommissioning of all nuclear armaments in-game. An idea that alludes to the perception of world peace and eradication of threat against humanity’s existence.

However, the event only kicks in under the condition that all of the player bases come to the agreement of dismantling their nukes. Alternatively, the same scenario also triggers when nobody in the player base on a certain platform is building nukes.

Which, while as simple as it sounds, is harder than people might assume. For one, it may take others a lot of convincing to drop their “precious” weapon of mass destruction at the virtual setting.

A Server without Nukes

Technically, for the first time, Hideo Kojima’s ideals of seeing the MGS5 players agreeing to disarm their nukes is finally achieved. This is thanks to the minority of PlayStation 3 players who indeed chose to do what the target goal demands.

As posted in the r/Games, user LoneQuacker shows the scene in its full glory as taken from the PlayStation 3 console. Despite being inferior from other consoles, it still displays a beautiful CG render, paired by an emotional script of the event.

YouTuber Steff’s description of the video states, “brought to you by the anti-nuke gang.”

An Anomalous First

The goal towards “Total Nuclear Disarmament” is officially achieved by the PlayStation 3 players, legitimately triggering an event nobody should have seen before. Not even by the Steam players who accidentally came across the scene due to an anomaly that nobody can explain.

To those who are not aware, the goal for Total Nuclear Disarmament “accidentally” triggers back in 2018. This was in spite of the fact that there were still 9800 active nukes around September 2017. Indeed, a far cry from the ideal zero that would trigger the event.

To date, it is still unknown who or what triggered the event that it played prematurely. Yet, despite years of waiting, the goal is finally met. Much to the joy of those people who played an active role in its fruition.

Image used courtesy of mundobn/YouTube Screenshot

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