Miami’s E11EVEN Hotel and Residence ready for crypto payments 

Leveraging on Miami’s series of initiatives towards cryptocurrency, E11EVEN, a real estate company based in Miami, is jumping on the bandwagon by allowing crypto payments to property buyers. 

After releasing this announcement, E11EVEN also claimed that it is the first real estate company to allow deposits and payments on cryptocurrency. 

According to Marc Roberts, the company and condominium-project co-founder, E11EVEN’s decision was a good move because crypto interest has spiked since Bitcoin Miami 2021 Conference was held in the city. 

“I think the whole movement is trending towards more buyers paying crypto and we are very excited to be the first people to take cryptocurrency for deposits on real estate,” he said.

Collected its first crypto payment

Roberts, who was interviewed at Fox Business, said that even before the company’s official announcement about crypto, it has already received its first crypto payment. The co-founder added that it is roughly one month away from accepting its second crypto deposit. 

E11EVEN sees a bright future in crypto, and Roberts warns everyone that they would be left behind if they don’t embrace this fast-rising trend. 

The company has a 65-story condominium with 375 units, with each unit starting at $377,400. 

Confident of volatility

The real estate co-founder also recognized the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, but he is confident that the younger generation is not worried about the price fluctuations. 

When asked if the real estate company would liquidate crypto deposits to protect itself from volatility, Roberts gave a vague response. 

In other parts of the world, real-estate developers have also embraced cryptocurrency payments. 

Luxury apartments in Portugal have started accepting dogecoin payments, while Arte Surfside, which is also located in Miami, has started to accept bitcoin and ethereum payments. 


Image courtesy of Cointelegraph News/YouTube

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