Michael Costello accused of damaging ‘RHOA’ model’s career


Michael Costello faced his own bullying allegations after he claimed that Chrissy Teigen abused him.

This week, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Falynn Guobadia outed her truth and alleged Michael Costello of bullying her.

On Thursday, Guobadia opened up about her past interactions with the fashion designer through her Instagram account.

According to Guobadia, she suffered as a model while working with Costello. She referred to Leona Lewis’ previous statement about the fashion star humiliating him.

“And [because] of this traumatic experience, unfortunately, it was the end of my pursuit to become a fashion model,” she wrote on her Instagram account.

She added that she could not bear the embarrassment she suffered from. Per the 32-year-old reality star, Costello and his team made her feel very uncomfortable and inadequate.

What exactly Costello did to Falynn Guobadia

As quoted by Fox News, Guobadia revealed that the incident happened when she was 23 years old.

While staying in Los Angeles, she decided to audition for Costello’s LA Fashion Week. The mogul complimented her body and runway walk.

After that, she received an email that instructed her about the next steps. This, reportedly, included the kind of underwear to buy and more details about the fashion show.

On the most-awaited day, Guobadia arrived with her Victoria’s Secret bag with the underwear. One of the staff told her to wait in line to have her makeup done.

However, she spotted Costello and his sister talking to each other while looking at her “differently.”

“Then, in front of all of the models and his team, they come over to me to say, ‘Someone was supposed to call you. We don’t need you for the show and have nothing for you to wear,” she recalled.

She felt more ashamed when she saw the other models look at her while covering their mouths and faces in shock. Guobadia, reportedly, ran outside and cried for two hours. Following the incident, she never tried to audition again.

In the end, she expressed how saddening it is to know that even Lewis faced the same trauma she had with Costello. She added that the incidents, hopefully, would be a learning opportunity for Costello and his team.

As of the writing, Costello has not commented on the matter yet. Falynn Guobadia dropped the news following Teigen’s accusation that Costello faked the screenshots to accuse her of bullying him, as well.

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