NBA Legend Michael Jordan labeled as selfish and mean on Netflix’s ‘The Last Dance’

NBA  legend, Michael Jordan is back in the spotlight for  ESPN’s sports documentary series. The series is also aired in Netflix. 

The docuseries which premiered last Sunday on ESPN revealed exclusive footages inside Chicago Bulls team practices. 

Mike Coleman, a respected Australian sports commentator who had been covering the Olympics, and major sporting events around the world, labeled the NBA star as selfish and mean.

Michael Jordan’s  selfish and mean traits became his obsession to win championships

The Last Dance featured several footages where Jordan was cursing at his teammates in practices, at the same time, revealing his ruthless behavior at any basketball match. The NBA star appears to be overly competitive, in which others view as rude and mean.

As a rookie, Michael Jordan was already the cream of the crop, a cultural icon who changed the world of basketball.  However, amid the determination to succeed, his attitude towards winning would make him a self-centered. 

In 1992, Michael Jordan participated in the Barcelona Olympics, along with the other  NBA legends Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Charles Barkley.  While the other players were having a good time, Jordan was left alone watching recorded tapes of the opponents.

Obviously, the Jordan phenomenon took over the arena and reinforced his position in the basketball world. On the court, he was an attraction, who always drop amazing surprises to the viewers with authentic basketball moves. 

Michael Jordan became the highest-paid player in NBA history

Jordan championship quests had led him to be the highest-paid player of all time.  During the first 11 seasons of his career, Michael was paid in a total of $28 million. 


However, Michael seems to have a way of getting to the top because he signed for $30.1 million in 1996-1997 and $33.1 million in 1997-1998. 

Michael Jordan’s greatest moments in the NBA

Throughout his career in Chicago Bulls, Michael showed an impressive track record. Aside from producing great scores while on the court, Jordan brought great wins for the Bulls. 

At his All-Star Game,  Jordan won his 3rd All-Star Game MVP, in a famous showdown with Kobe Bryant. Victory for the East  Team was secured in 135-114 win.

In the 1998 NBA series, Chicago Bulls won against the Jazz with a 32-17 score. It also marked Jordan’s sixth and final title with the Bulls. The Last Dance will continue to air on ESPN and Netflix.

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Image Courtesy of ESPN/Youtube Screenshot

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