Michelle Obama divorcing Barack; Wants to leave spotlight rumors debunked

Michelle Obama divorcing Barack, wants to leave spotlight rumors debunked

Michelle Obama is allegedly planning to divorce her husband, Barack Obama, because he doesn’t want to step back from the spotlight, a tabloid claims.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have been married for almost three decades already. However, some tabloids alleged that their marriage is on the rocks because they were competing in the spotlight. 

Michelle Obama allegedly divorcing Barack

Globe published a report claiming that there was tension in Barack and Michelle Obama’s marriage. It quoted an unknown insider claiming that “old wounds and [was] once again [pushing] the cranky couple toward a final marriage crisis.”

The source referenced Barack’s comment when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, telling the host that he was not rubbing his victory over dinner after his memoir A Promised Land outsell Michelle’s Becoming.

The same outlet claimed that the ex-FLOTUS had been battling depression throughout the pandemic and was trapped in a dysfunctional marriage to Barack. 

An anonymous source told the outlet that Michelle had enough of Barack’s self-serving attitude. The former first lady was reportedly ready for a change and wanted to get away from the limelight, and was willing to leave her husband behind.

The outlet also alleged that they already contacted divorce lawyers.

Divorce rumors debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report because it was ridiculous for the former first couple to bicker over book sales. Both Barack and Michelle are extremely successful at what they do, and it’s unbelievable that they will separate for the said reason.

Also, it’s not true that Michelle Obama wanted to step away from the limelight. In fact, in February, she announced her new show Waffles + Mochi on Netflix.

Michelle’s new show features two puppets named Waffles and Mochi, who travels the world to learn all they can about different foods and cultures. The show premiered on Netflix on March 16.

Also, in contrast to the report, Michelle and Barack Obama’s marriage is going strong. The former first couple celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary in October, and the ex-POTUS shared a throwback photo of them on Instagram.

In the picture, Michelle sweetly leans on Barack with their faces close to each other while they are smiling. In the caption, Barack referred to Michelle as “the love of my life.”

He also attributed Michelle for making him a better husband, a better father, and a better human every day.

“Happy anniversary, Miche. Love you,” he concluded.

For her part, Michelle shared a picture of them together and explained why she loves her husband. Michelle said she loved Barack’s smile, character, and compassion. She also added that she was grateful to have him as her partner in everything life throws at them.

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