Michelle Obama not a transgender or a man contrary to rumors

Michelle Obama not a transgender or a man contrary to rumors

Michelle Obama was previously accused of being transgender after Joan Rivers made a snide comment about her in 2014.

The speculations about her sexuality went on until earlier this year. But before we look back on the absurd rumors, we need to stress the fact that Michelle Obama is not a transgender.

Gossip Cop revisited the rumors recently after saying that speculations on the ex-FLOTUS’s sexuality never died down.

Michelle Obama, Barack Obama divorce rumors 

Michelle Obama transgender rumors persist

Earlier this year, former Republican congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine teased Obama after learning that she will be releasing a Netflix documentary on her book, Becoming.

“Michelle Obama is releasing a documentary on Netflix called Becoming… I wonder what she’s becoming…” she tweeted.

Six years ago, comedian Rivers publicly declared that Barack Obama’s wife is a transgender. However, the late comedian didn’t have any concrete proof.

Weeks later, Rivers died from complications following throat surgery. And conspiracy theorists claimed that she was killed as part of a cover-up.

Three years later, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones posted a 12-minute video on YouTube saying that the claims that the former first lady is transgender are true.

“Since the early days of the Obama administration, citizens across the board have studied videos and photos of Michelle Obama and said that she is a man. And even [Barack] Obama has called her over and over again Michael. But new shock footage has emerged that is being censored off the internet as fast as you can upload it,” Jones said.

However, he was also unable to provide concrete proof of his claims.

Rumors debunked

Gossip Cop stressed the fact that Michelle Obama is not transgender. They also pointed out that Rivers’ comment about the former first lady being a transgender was meant to be a joke.

“I think it’s a compliment. She’s so attractive, tall, with a beautiful body, a great face, and does great makeup… The most gorgeous women are transgender,” Rivers said.

Michelle Obama, Barack Obama divorce rumors

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that the Obamas are on the brink of a divorce.

Globe previously claimed that the couple has been having a lot of problems in their marriage. And in the end, they both agreed that divorcing is what’s best.

However, Michelle Obama and her husband are still together today. This proves that the tabloid’s claims about them are incorrect.

Images used courtesy of Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons and Pete Souza, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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