Michelle Obama calls husband Barack ‘most honest, most thoughtful’ ahead book release

Michelle Obama calls husband Barack 'most honest, most thoughtful' ahead book release

Michelle Obama praises her husband, Barack Obama, after finishing his book A Promised Land.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama are one of the couples most look up to. They maintain a huge following even after they left the White House. The former president is releasing a new book about his presidency, and he has the ex-FLOTUS’ full support.

Michelle Obama praised her husband

Michelle Obama has a very warm and sweet message for her husband, Barack Obama after he announced the completion of his book. The former POTUS was working on a new book entitled A Promised Land that detailed his presidency and more.

Michelle is a proud wife after her spouse finally finished the book. She also shared how Barack poured his heart out for it.

“There’s no one more reflective, more honest, and more thoughtful than
@barackobama. I’ve seen that in so many ways throughout our life together. And after seeing him pour his whole heart into this book, I know you will too. #APromisedLand,” she wrote on Twitter.

Barack announced the completion of his book

Barack Obama also announced the completion of his new book on the microblogging site. The former president said he was very proud of his work, referring to the publication.

Aside from accounting for the presidency, the book covered the forces the people face as a nation, and how they can heal the division. In addition, Barack said the book aims to show how to “make democracy work for everybody.”

Michelle speaks about her marriage with Barack

In one episode of Michelle Obama Podcast, the former First Lady shared a glimpse of her marriage with Barack Obama. She said that they keep their marriage strong by not giving up, especially when things are tough and intense.

Michelle admitted that there were times when they couldn’t stand each other. In fact, she jokingly said, there were times when she wanted to push Barack out of the window. However, it was during those times when they chose to stick to each other.

Michelle noticed how young couples face the same challenge and find themselves ready to give up because they feel broken. Michelle reminds them that if those instances break a marriage, she and Barack have been broken off and on throughout their marriage.

Despite what they went through, Michelle described her union with Barack positive. She said they “have a very strong marriage.” She is also very happy that she didn’t give up on their relationship because she would have missed all the beauty that was also present in their union.


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