Michelle Obama splurging on diamonds, designer clothes since moving to Hollywood: Rumor

Michelle Obama splurging on diamonds, designer clothes since moving to Hollywood: Rumor

Michelle Obama recently moved to Hollywood, and she’s, allegedly, doing everything she can to look the part.

According to Globe, Michelle Obama has been splurging on diamonds, pearls, and designer clothes to help her fit in Hollywood.

On top of this, the ex-FLOTUS has also been going on fancy dinner parties. And her chauffeurs take her to the most expensive party venues in Hollywood.

Michelle Obama splurging in Hollywood

Additionally, Barack Obama’s wife also, allegedly, hired assistants to help her carry her briefcases because this is what they do in Hollywood.

But while Michelle is thriving in Hollywood, the same cannot, allegedly, be said about her husband.

“Barack is living in Michelle’s ever-expanding shadow and it’s sticking in his craw. He hates the Hollywood lifestyle, but wants Michelle to have her time in the limelight,” the source said.

The Obamas allegedly see the Sussexes as competition

Unfortunately for Barack, there’s really no stopping the former first lady.

“She’s definitely determined to make them Hollywood’s most powerful couple so it looks like upstarts Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, have real competition on their hands,” the source said.

However, it is unclear why the tabloid decided to compare the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with the Obamas when there’s obviously no competition between them. In fact, there are reports that the couples are friends.

Barack, Michelle Obama on the brink of a divorce

Barack, Michelle Obama on the brink of a divorce

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time that Barack and Michelle Obama have found themselves at the center of a tabloid’s dubious claims.

Earlier this year, National Enquirer claimed that Michelle wanted to revamp her appearance to save her marriage with Barack.

“Michelle is getting spruce-up to boost her morale and look the part in Hollywood, but also because she’s determined to get back on track with her husband. She’s long admired the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Amal Clooney. Now she’s going all out to copy their style by booking the best designers to outfit her, as well as a dermatologist, nutritionist, trainer, and masseuse,” the source said.

However, this claim isn’t also true. After all, Michelle Obama and Barack’s marriage isn’t falling apart. If anything, the couple is as happy as ever to be spending as much time with each other.

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