Michelle Obama felt ‘cheated’ when Barack did this: rumor debunked

Michelle Obame felt 'cheated' when Barack did this: Rumor debunked

Michelle Obama allegedly felt cheated when she married Barack Obama after he ran for president, according to a tabloid.

Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have been married for almost 30 years. However, their marriage has been subjected to non-stop gossips when Barack became the president. One outlet even claimed that his political career affected his marriage with Michelle.

Michelle Obama allegedly felt cheated

National Enquirer recapped Michelle’s podcast and her statements about her marriage with the former POTUS. The ex-FLOTUS talked about the emotional highs and lows during the coronavirus pandemic, which most can relate.

The article ended, claiming that “Michelle felt like she was cheated” when Barack joined the presidential race.

Rumor debunked

Gossip Cop debunked the report because it twisted Michelle’s words to create a story that she’s at odds with her husband. But the claims are not true.

Michelle Obama never despised Barack for being the president. In fact, she was very careful that their daughters won’t hate the presidency.

She is also a proud wife to Barack. She even called him the “most reflective, most honest, most thoughtful” person she knew.

Also, with National Enquirer’s reputation for publishing articles based on the statements of its undependable sources, this could be another groundless claim waiting to be debunked.

Michelle on parenting while Barack was the president

In the season finale of The Michelle Obama Podcast, Michelle invited her mom Marian Robinson and older brother, Craig. They talked about the challenges in parenting, and Michelle shared how she raised their daughters Malia and Sasha when Barack was the president.

During the podcast, Michelle said she was careful not to pout in front of her kids when Barack wasn’t there. She didn’t want them to feel bad that their father is not at home due to his responsibilities in the White House.

“I always tried to make sure that I wasn’t pouting in front of the kids when Barack wasn’t there,” Michelle said.

“If I had made a big deal out of it and said, ‘Oh my god, your dad’s not here again! Oh, he’s missing this’ or ‘Oh, I just wish…’ then that’s the signal to them, ‘Well this isn’t normal.’”

Michelle also said that even if Barack was the president, he worked his schedule around their schedule. He didn’t let them wait until 9 o’clock for dinner. Also, Barack’s presidency didn’t hinder their daughters from doing what they need to get done.

“I never wanted them to resent the presidency, or resent what their dad did,” Michelle said.


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