Michelle Pfeiffer jealous of Nicole Kidman after learning she’s always talking to her husband David: Rumor

Michelle Pfeiffer jealous of Nicole Kidman after learning she's always talking to her husband David: Rumor

Michelle Pfeiffer, allegedly, feels uncomfortable with her husband David E. Kelley and Nicole Kidman’s close bond.

Kidman and Kelley are currently working on their latest collaboration, The Undoing. As such, the actress and screenwriter are always on the phone talking about the project. But according to New Idea, Michelle Pfeiffer isn’t thrilled.

“This feels like the next step in a beautiful long-term collaboration between Nicole and David. They really seem to get each other,” a source said.

Michelle Pfeiffer jealous of Nicole Kidman, David E. Kelley’s relationship

However, the fact that Kelley is always on the phone with Keith Urban’s wife is making Pfeiffer upset.

“David is on the phone with Nicole so often that Michelle has started to feel like a third wheel in her own marriage. She’s going to have a to put a few ground rules to remind them both who comes first,” the source said.

Michelle Pfeiffer sets ground rules for her husband, Nicole Kidman 

Michelle Pfeiffer sets ground rules for her husband, Nicole Kidman

The insider said that Pfeiffer understands that her husband and Kidman have to talk often. After all, The Undoing will premiere next month. But if the two decide to team up for another project, Pfeiffer will, allegedly, take matters into her own hands.

“It must bother Michelle a bit that neither David nor Nicole have invited her to be a part of such groundbreaking shows with all these juicy parts for women. She might not have an Oscar, but her skills and resume are just as impressive as Nicole’s,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, Gossip Cop immediately debunked the tabloid’s claims by saying that it isn’t true that Kelley chose Kidman to star in his project over Michelle Pfeiffer. The latter has a lot of things on her plate that’s why she wasn’t cast in The Undoing.

The rumor-debunking site also noted the fact that Kidman is married to Urban. And the Big Little Lies star has been in the industry for decades. This means that she’s a professional. And the same can be said about Kelley.

As such, there is no reason for Pfeiffer to worry about her husband and Kidman working together. After all, the two are just collaborators.

Nicole Kidman targeted by tabloids

Gossip Cop also pointed out how frequently New Idea targets Kidman. Just recently, they claimed that she collapsed on the set of The Undoing.

The tabloid also accused Kidman of freezing Princess Diana out after learning that she has a crush on Tom Cruise.

However, none of these claims about Kidman, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kelley are true.

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