Microsoft 365 free subscription gives just what users need

Microsoft 365 free subscription gives just what users need

Office 365 has just been rebranded to Microsoft 365, giving users the standard Microsoft Office tools and not much else.

Software developers are playing the bundle game right now. One company may offer everything that you’ll need to run your online life. They cover your emails, productivity software, and online communications tools.

There is no hiding that Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all been trying to lure in new users to their online ecosystem.

The only downside to the shift is the labyrinth of transferring from one ecosystem to the. The sad reality is that they were designed to be like so. This is to give friction to the decision making of their present users.

Similar to Google, Microsoft is now housing their services under one banner name, Microsoft 365.

Office 365 to Microsoft 365

The integration between the two systems is the only noticeable shift. The services seem almost identical, but not quite.

As for the target market of the system, it would seem like that the services are designed to cater to the casual user all the way up to the corporate level needs.

Free subscription vs. paid subscription

Storage wise, the free subscription gives only 5GB of space in OneDrive. As soon as you register for a paid account, the storage space can increase up to 1TB of space.

Moreover, there is also a dedicated vault for essential files. For a free account, the user may only keep three important files in it. On a paid account, the user can save as many files as he or she wants in the vault protected online folder.

As for other services, the free accounts don’t differ that much compared to paid accounts. In a special review, it was emphasized that the only two major differences between the paid and free accounts.

In a paid account, the systems provide the user up to 60 minutes of free Skype to phone calls free of charge. On the other hand, free accounts don’t get this service.

Additionally, the paid account gets an additional feature called the “Microsoft Family Safety app.” This is where the heads of the families may track the actual usage of the gadgets by their children. It is where parents may control the contents and screen time of their children.

It also gives a feature where the parents may track the whereabouts of their children.

Microsoft Office suites

As for the productivity tools, the paid accounts don’t get many additional features as compared to the free accounts.

The basic Powerpoint, Word, and Excel software all come with powerful features, whether in a paid or free account.

The shift from Office 365 will be implemented on April 21.


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