Microsoft apologizes for alleged ‘Fable’ and ‘Perfect Dark’ accounts


Fans of Fable and Perfect Dark waiting for new details are up for disappointment. The “official” Twitter accounts for both games are confirmed placeholders.

The recent Twitter accounts for Perfect Dark and Fable part of standard procedure. Xbox Games marketing GM Aaron Greenberg confirmed the findings. The head honcho even apologized for the miscommunication.

Xbox GM shoots down the discovery of Twitter accounts

Over the weekend, some furor went up as someone discovered two new Twitter accounts. Games journalist Tom Warren tweeted out that somebody found two accounts. These placeholders use @fable and @perfectdarkgame, which coincide with both games.

People make Twitter accounts all the time, but it’s the details that make it count. A Microsoft Xbox employee follows one of the accounts in question. The other used an official MS email address for registration.

These details are slight points that pertain to an upcoming title or a remake. In any situation, that would be the possible case. The growing hype got shot down, however, by Microsoft itself.

According to Aaron Greenberg, the accounts are nothing to write home about. He claims that “it’s standard practice to secure social handles for our IP.” The tweet is true for the Fable account, but the other is a bit anomalous.

The PerfectDarkGame Twitter account suddenly went active, which is something curious. It seems the account is owned by a fan of the game based on the evidence thus far. The owner even offered the account to Microsoft if they want to take the name with them.

This newfound activity in the Twitter placeholder is curious behavior. The handler of the PerfectDarkGame account is now actively retweeting everything about the game.

The account now uses a description listing “not affiliated with Microsoft. Operative for the Carrington Institute.” Greenberg claimed the “accounts have been inactive for years.”

Perfect Dark Twitter likely a marketing ploy

The sudden activity for the alleged Perfect Dark Twitter account is weird. Players are waiting for a sequel for one of the most iconic FPS titles of old. Fans are ready to bite anything that can tell them about the titles they want.

As Rare owned the IP for the game, Microsoft Studios now owns the title. Pushing for a remake and an eventual sequel can be a profitable turn of events.

The upcoming Xbox Series X needs excellent titles. It needs games that can pull new and old gamers alike.

A remake of Perfect Dark is a superb way to do that. If the current accounts are a scheme, Xbox is doing a solid job keeping the façade.

Featured image courtesy of Microsoft Studios/Youtube Screenshot

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