Microsoft counterargues critics’ claim about Xbox Series X’s heat output

Microsoft's next-gen console: Xbox Series X.

The Xbox Series X was recently under hot water (no pun intended) for allegedly being a heat source after giving critics hands-on experience with the pre-release version of the console.

Microsoft’s General Manager of Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, claims that the heat released by the Series X isn’t any different from Xbox One X.

It’s hot, even when idle

Prior to its nearing release, many in the industry were handed out a pre-release rendition of Xbox Series X to try the console for themselves. While many are ostensive in praising the next-gen console’s performance, the critics also share on one thing about the Series X—it simply is hot.

One of the most notable criticism comes from Giant Bomb’s Jeff Bakalar, who states that the console is emitting too much heat, even when idle. If any heat-emitting machine is to go by, it is indicative of an intensive process that is happening within the platform itself. That is, similar to the way computers tend to generate more heat when running under heavy load versus when in standby.

“Here’s what’s crazy… this was just plugged in in standby mode behind me and you guys, the entire thing is a little toasty.”

Others also have their own take into the situation. They are also backing up the notion that the console is indeed unleashing a substantial amount of heat, despite doing only minimal tasks.

Heat as wasted energy

Increasing the ambient temperature is indeed be a primary concern over this heat issue with the Series X. But the amount of energy it wastes is also another issue. After all, heat is technically wasted energy released from a machine. An issue which could prove to be concerning on the bottom line of the monthly electricity bill. This affects the non-stop user or those who would prefer to leave the system running even when not in use.

Alternatively, the issue may also be concerning in regions where the environmental temperature is already an ever-present concern. This could only see exacerbation with the presence of the Xbox Series X. That is, with the need for it to release heat constantly in order to keep itself relatively cool.

In a tweet, Greenberg justifies the Series X’s level of heat emission as akin to any other console. He is even going so far as to bring Microsoft’s engineering team to the discussion. He also claims to report that the Series X’s heat is not even in disparity with the One X’s.

An account that he also personally corroborates, citing his own experience with the console at home. Subsequently praising the Xbox Series X for its quietness, speed, and power, relative to its dimension.

Might not be the final product

But to reiterate, the critique over the Xbox Series X comes from its pre-release version. Which is still a slightly different product than what consumers are likely to get, at least hopefully.

Image used courtesy of Thor_Deichmann/Pixabay

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