Microsoft ditches live tiles, adds more innovations for Windows 10 2021

Windows 10 2021, Microsoft ditches live tiles, adds more innovations

Windows 10 2021 update will be dubbed as Iron (Fe) and will feature major innovations as Microsoft’s flagship OS launch next year.

A hint about the Microsoft Windows 10 2021 update surfaced recently. The leak mentioned that the upcoming flagship OS will be called Iron (Fe).

However, the official Microsoft blog that revealed the hinted name of the operating system update vanished. The software giant edited the blog and removed the name from the post.

Recent reports also unveiled a few of what the Windows 10 users could expect from the 2021 update. Among them was the change with the Start menu.

Another feature to expect is the changes in the Windows 10 user interface (UI). Microsoft gave users a glimpse of the refreshed UI to come next year.

A few months ago, reports also hinted that Microsoft planned to remove the Live Tiles from Windows 10. The report gave a sneak peek to how the UI will look like without the tiles.

Some users described the Windows 10 Startup menu to be cluttered due to the Live Tile arrangement. The news about Microsoft ditching the tile could be the answer to their rants, reports say.

Windows 10 2021 update to ditch Live Tiles

A leaked photo that surfaced Twitter months ago showed an image of the revamped Windows 10 start menu. The image showed that Live Tiles are no longer there.

Speculations from Windows 10 users then began to spread of what the company plans for the start-up menu on the upcoming update. Others believed that Microsoft could replace Live Tiles with static icons to avoid clutter.

Windows 10 on ARM runs any Windows app out in 2021

The Live Tiles debuted years ago along with the Windows Phone 7. Microsoft adapted to for the Windows 8 and continued on until the presently running Windows 10.

Microsoft did not confirm or deny the speculations on the Live Tiles. However, it assured the public that the Windows 10 2021 update will be loaded with features and innovations.

More to expect with the Windows 10 2021 update

The software giant told their Windows 10 customers to expect a colorful makeover with the icons. It added that a range of different apps will receive a splash of fresh paint.

Windows 10 users still have a long way to go before getting their hands on the 2021 Iron (Fe) update. For now, Microsoft is headed for two more updates this year.

The Windows 10 version 2004 will arrive a few weeks from now. Before the year ends, Microsoft will also release the second update called 20H2.

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