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Microsoft Edge browser is crashing, here’s how to fix


Microsoft hasn’t explained yet, but its recommended workaround was initially to turn off Search Suggestions in the Edge settings to avoid crashing.

A Microsoft issue recently popped up involving the Chromium version of Edge unexpectedly crashing when trying to use the address bar to search.

This problem only seems to be an issue when Google is set as the default search engine of the device. If you’ve come across this issue, fear not; there is a quick fix and it’s legit.

Microsoft Edge browser is reportedly crashing unexpectedly

Microsoft’s new Edge browser started randomly breaking down when users tried to type into the address bar to search. The problem appears to have affected Edge users who had selected Google as their default search engine.

The Microsoft Edge crashes started at around 7 PM ET and were affecting users of macOS and Windows devices. The giant company resolved the problems approximately four hours after the crashes.

However, until now, it’s still not clear why they were only limited to Google search users in Edge. If users switched to another search engine such as Microsoft’s Bing within Edge, the crashes never occurred. Also, there are no reports regarding this search engine, just for Google.

How to fix this

Microsoft investigated the problem and now says it’s believed to have been resolved. People who are affected by the crash should not be worried since there is a solution to this unexpected problem.

Microsoft quickly addressed an unexplained bug in Chromium-based Edge. The company explained why it has been generating the browser to crash when typing in the address bar when Google was set as the default search engine.

Microsoft recommended turning off Search Suggestions on Edge://settings/search as a temporary workaround. The Verge tested this workaround, and it solved the problem if you had Google set as your default search engine.

As of now, Microsoft is recommending that all Edge users revert to any settings they have changed as the address bar crashes are now resolved. A few hours later, Microsoft again Tweeted regarding the issue.

“We believe this to be resolved now. We encourage you to revert to your browser settings that you may have changed, and let us know if you are still experiencing any crashes by typing into the address bar.”

If you are still experiencing a crashing issue, you may want to email or tweet the official Microsoft account. Despite how it looks, Microsoft will know that causing trouble for Edge users who prefer Google searches isn’t the best way to win over new users to its Chromium-based browser.

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