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Microsoft Edge rolls out new features in hopes of beating Chrome


Microsoft Edge is rolling out new features as the browser inches its way towards the current industry leader, Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge currently occupies the second spot in the browser market, per Forbes. Although this is a good spot, it is still miles apart from the current market leader. Google Chrome currently holds 70% of the market share, a huge majority that even all its rivals combine cannot reach.

Despite this massive gap, browsers continue to innovate in a bid to at least chip away Chrome’s advantage. The latest update from Microsoft aims to deliver that blow.

Striking new features

Microsoft has yet to confirm this, but rumors claim that the Edge browser will support vertical tabs. The feature was announced in March, and the tech community is closely waiting for its official release. With this new feature, users can intuitively manage multiple tabs at once.

Microsoft recently confirmed that it is rolling out new features for its dev channel. These features are expected to be included in the 86.0.594.2 build soon. One of the features included in the build is the ability to install themes directly from the Google web store.

There are also several minor updates that are included in the new build. For one, the Backspace key now has its navigation feature. Pressing the key will navigate the user back to the previous webpage. Alternatively, pressing the key Shift and Backspace will navigate the user forward.

There are also several under-the-hood features added to the build. An option for turning off suggestions when searching the address bar is now available. Additional settings for VR and AR, Password Monitor Settings, and Cookies are all built into the update.

Privacy issues

One of the biggest issues, the tech community is facing these days is about privacy. It is important to note that all the major browsers are built on the same Chromium platform. Chrome, Brave, and Microsoft Edge use the same engine, which means they have almost identical features.

Although Chrome has rolled out new features to enhance user security and privacy, some said that it is not enough. The browser is facing accusations that it is actively spying and collecting user data and sells it to advertisers. Microsoft is also facing the same accusations.

There is also the issue that Microsoft is pushing hard its Edge adoption on the Windows platform. Some users have complained that they are unable to uninstall Microsoft Edge on some of their devices.

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