Microsoft extending warranty for Elite Series 2 Controllers over joystick drift issue

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Nintendo is not the only company under hot water over an alleged issue with its Switch Joy-con controller as Microsoft sees a similar fate, too, after a lawsuit surfaces over a similar issue on its expensive Xbox Wireless Elite Series 2 Controller.

It’s not just COVID-19 that is plaguing the world this year. The gaming industry, too, appears to be affected by an issue that will not cease to stop unless handled. In particular, an issue with faulty controllers that see ghost movements even without user input.

Not a paranormal thing

The issue is not necessarily uncanny, despite the label. But it’s spooky nonetheless, especially to anyone’s wallet, that it makes a serious concern to those who experience it.

The scare factor boils down on the need to spend on either the repair or replacement of a defective gamepad. An issue that would be offset if a product is built good enough to match the premium price.

It haunts Nintendo for years since the issue with the Switch’s Joy-con drift surfaced a few years ago. Although sorry has been said by one of the company’s top brass, it alone did not necessarily offer a resolution to the issue.

Yet, Microsoft seems to be following suit as several upset consumers encounter the same issue. So much so that one files a complaint against the company over the claim.

Expensive controller

The Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller is one of the most expensive controllers ever conceived for the average consumer. With a price tag that more than quadruples the average Xbox One controller, many expect a quality level that matches the hefty cost.

Unfortunately, while the controller itself is indeed pricey, it did not meet up to durability expectations.

Making matters worse for Microsoft also is the fact that the product’s warranty coverage is perhaps one of the shortest in the market. A measly 90 days coverage. This means that purchasing the product beyond 90 days no longer holds Microsoft accountable for whatever defects the product will incur. Meaning, also that should the untoward happen, the consumers will shoulder the cost of getting the faulty product repaired.

Starting from the date of purchase

In an attempt to appease the “small percentage” of disgruntled consumers, Microsoft is offering to extend the product’s warranty to up to a year. That’s a full 365 days, beginning on the date of purchase of the product. Which, in simple terms, would mean Microsoft is offering Elite Series 2 Controller owners free repairs should they experience joystick drift with their hefty gamepad.

Aside from a post that announces the warranty extension, Microsoft is yet to make an official statement regarding the lawsuit.

Image used courtesy of Xbox/YouTube Screenshot

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