Microsoft family safety for safer digital world

The preview of Microsoft’s Family Safety app is now available. It will help parents give their kids the right freedom. With this app, people can set screen time limits and maximize internet safety.

“Empowering you and your family to create healthy habits and help protect the ones you love.” That is the goal of Microsoft in developing its Family Safety App. They developed the app to help adults or parents find digital balance. It is, according to Microsoft. That is, to give their children independence with some boundaries. Moreover, it helps to protect their loved ones from harm that can occur online.

Benefits of Microsoft’s Family Safety App

Microsoft’s Family Safety app helps in developing healthy digital habits. It can help parents track their children’s online activities. This app can give a summary of digital activities. These activities include screen time, website visits, and search terms.

It can help users find screen time balance. Users can set screen time limits on many apps that will keep their children’s discipline—spending long hours to a more useful app rather than entertaining ones.

The app lets users choose the right content. It helps users to create a safe place for their loved ones while browsing on the web. Parents can set search filters and block adult sites. It has the option to set Microsoft Edge to show websites that are appropriate to children only.

With this app, users can find each other. It lets parents or guardians connect with their kids despite physical distance. It has a location-sharing feature with a map to guide users in the right direction. Users can save place visits and track their most visited places.

Drive Safe

According to Microsoft, they will add more features. One of those is driver safety. The feature will help users get notified. It is whenever one arrives or departs from one location to another. The notification is being done with the location alert feature.

Microsoft’s Family Safety will not only be useful for parents and kids. All app features are also suitable for and between adults.

Users Privacy

Microsoft stated that they would never share data from any third parties. Data collection is only necessary to deliver service. They will also ensure its protection.

Microsoft Family Safety App Availability

The app is not yet available to all. This release is only in preview and is only available to a limited number of users. Moreover, the app is now only available for people using Android or iOS.

The app released its preview version to gather feedback. This feedback will be the basis for improvements before its official release. Pricing is subject to modification before it will become available to all. It includes feature improvements.


Images courtesy of Csaba Nagy / Pixabay, William Iven / Pixabay

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